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Infused Vodka Box
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Vodka Infusion Cocktail Kit

Our Vodka Infusion box was designed using Belvedere. We highly recommend purchasing this brand (or Absolut) for the best results. Each recipe includes ingredients to make 4 cocktails. About Recipes

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About Crafty Cocktail’s Vodka Infusion Cocktail Kit

As the name suggests, this month’s box, INFUSED (w/ Love, Friendship, and rose), explores one of the more important aspects of cocktail bartending, infusion. For a cocktail bartender, infusions are an essential part of the process for creating a cocktail menu, as one must constantly conceive of all sorts of flavored spirits, syrups, or bitters in order to achieve perfect balance in their creations. Having a grasp on how infusions work is a key component of bartending education, which is why it is an ideal theme for a Crafty’s box. However, the theme of infusion can be examined on a deeper level than strictly ingredients, as many bartenders take inspiration from and are influenced by those around them; their friends, their colleagues, and, most importantly, the people they create drinks for night after night. Because those around them ‘infuse’ a bartender with new concepts and new creative ventures, this box is an expression of how ideas can be made infinitely better when people work together.

 This box involves infusion at many different levels, but at its core, this concept started with the simple infusion of rose petals into vodka. An easy way to introduce a floral element into any cocktail, this box features a very simple vodka infusion recipe that you can do at home before making your cocktails, introducing you to basic infusion technique and demonstrating the ease with which you can add this to your bartending skill set. The INFUSED box also features three different flavors of bitters from three different Canadian producers, bitters being among the most important manifestations of infusion with spirits, as their versatility and ability to bring big flavor with minimal use can not be understated. Most importantly, however, this box includes the infusion of ideas from some of the amazing people we have had the pleasure to work with over the years.

 The Royal Caspian Yacht Club #2 was created by Kevin Tron, the head bartender at Guilt & Co., a live music/cocktail lounge in the heart of downtown Vancouver. Duncan Peck, the head bartender for Crafty Cocktails, created many menus with Kevin during his own stint at this magical bar, constantly collaborating and inspiring each other to push their creative limits. Along with rose vodka, this drink’s prominent floral aroma comes from pungent rose water but is also bolstered by the complimenting presence of cucumber and granny smith apple, while effervescent soda adds an airy feel. Finished with a subtle hit of Moroccan spice from Bittered Sling’s Lem- Marrakech bitters, this drink has influences from all over the Mediterranean basin.

  The Calliope is a collaboration with The LOVED Collection’s founder, ImMrFabulous, a Calgary-based lifestyle blogger who has been a supporter of Crafty Cocktails from day one. We are inspired by his constant positivity and desire to encourage collaboration, equality, support, and togetherness in everything he does. This rose-infused vodka cocktail draws on those themes, as its vibrant color and eye-catching garnish symbolize the free-spirited nature of Mr. Fabulous himself, while honey sourced from his native Calgary is an example of his passion for community. Add a favorite citrus, fresh grapefruit, and some warming spices from Ms. Better’s No. 42 Aromatic bitters and the result is a drink that fun, refreshing, and free as a bird.

 The Floribunda Lemonade is infused with childhood memories as this classic beverage was a favorite summertime drink of or head bartender, bringing back memories of vacationing by the lake at the family cabin in the mountains of BC over the summer months. This drink is a nod to a simpler time, but also to the important role that life experience, in this case, childhood, plays in the creation of cocktails. Rose is present in many ingredients here, infused vodka, infused sugar, and sparkling rose lemonade, but its presence is never overpowering, as the zesty citrus of orange and lemon work with the flavorful herbal profile of Arancia Vespucci bitters from Blackcloud bitters to keep this cocktail in perfect balance.

               So as you enjoy this month’s box, INFUSED,  think about where ‘infusion’ is present in your life and how you can use it to inspire not only your cocktail making but all other aspects of your daily routine. Collaborate with people, create together, be aware of the many wonderful influences around you and how they affect your creative mind in positive ways.

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