Top Shelf Vodka Martini Cocktail Kit

Top Shelf Vodka Martini Box
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Gotham Martini
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Top Shelf Vodka Martini Cocktail Kit

*This is our feature box for November and doesn't start shipping until early November. Pre-ordering guarantees a box when we do start shipping. This box will sell out.

Our Top Shelf Vodka Martini Cocktail box was created using Absolut Elyx. We highly recommend purchasing this brand for the best results but if it's unavailable locally you can substitute it with your favorite Top Shelf Vodka. Each recipe includes ingredients to make 4 cocktails. About Recipes

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About Top Shelf Vodka Martini recipes 

Metropolitan Martini -  Sweet, sour, tart, bitter, boozy. Inspired by the cosmopolitan. Elevated by saffron petals, Cranberry bitters, organic 100% cranberry juice, and Saffron/Honey syrup. We've added depth and complexity to the cosmo while respecting the virtues which made this drink so popular in the first place.  

Gotham Martini- Unique, savory martini. Inspired by the classic Gibson. Classic elements are present, like vermouth, and a cocktail onion garnish. Elevated by sweetened balsamic reduction and dill tincture, while a minimal background of smoky aromatic comes off the glass from a Glenfiddich scotch mist. A minimalist martini that benefits from a smooth, easy-drinking vodka and attention to detail.

Élever Martini - Pineapple and raspberry, French martini inspired. Beautiful frothy texture to this drink. Pineapple Gomme syrup and muddled baby pineapple, light, foamy texture. Chambord concentrate enhances the deep, dark sweetness, balanced by the bitter chocolate flavor of cocoa nib. A touch of lime for some citrusy freshness and you have a martini that truly deserves to be on the top shelf.

Recommended Spirit 

For this month’s Crafty Cocktails box, Top Shelf, we could not bring ourselves to decide on one particular vodka, as there are so many amazing products available that fall under the category of ‘top shelf’. While there is no standardized model for determining what classifies as ‘top shelf’, superior quality vodkas are often defined by factors such as water source, grain quality, and filtering process, which is often, but not always, reflected in the final price of the vodka. In most cases, a more expensive vodka denotes a higher quality of base ingredients and therefore a better-finished product. So, instead of recommending one brand, here is a brief list of our favorites, which we feel drink as ‘top shelf’ vodkas:
o Absolut Elyx
o Belvedere
o Tito’s Handmade
o Crystal Head
o Chopin Potato
o Ren
o Beluga
o Haku