Suns Gone Rums On Cocktail Kit

Suns Gone Rums On Cocktail Box
Hot & Buttered Cocktail
How Clover Cocktail
Island Boi Cocktail
Recommended Spirit: Brugal Anejo Rum


Suns Gone Rums On Cocktail Kit

*This is our feature box for January and doesn't start shipping until the 2nd week of January. Pre-ordering guarantees a box when we do start shipping. This box will sell out.

Our 'Suns Gone, Rums On' Cocktail box was created using Brugal Añejo. We highly recommend purchasing this brand for the best results but if it's unavailable locally you can substitute it with any Caribbean Rum. Each recipe includes ingredients to make 4 cocktails. About Recipes

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About Suns Gone, Rums On recipes 

Hot & Buttered - Hot cocktail. Warming and creamy A buttery body, provided by ghee, is muddled with green raisins and candied ginger, strengthened by Chinese 5 spice and sweetened by vanilla-infused sugar. It may be cold out now, but after one sip of this cocktail, you’re sure to feel warm all over.

How Clover - Warming spices with a slightly fruity background. Clove-infused honey, Smokey Pear Bitters, light smoke flavour balanced by zesty notes of pear and vanilla. Lemon extract and a Limoncello rinse, bitter yet invigorating notes of citrus. 

Island Boi- Frothy and tropical with Orgeat (almond syrup), Guanabana nectar, coconut water, and a dash of slightly spicy Jerk tincture to round it out. Best enjoyed while wearing sandals and a tacky vacation shirt.

Recommended Spirit 

This month’s Crafty Cocktails box, Sun’s Gone, Rum’s On, was designed using Brugal Anejo rum, a quintessential Caribbean style rum that brings unique and delectable base flavour to this month’s amazing treble of cocktails. Hailing from the Dominican Republic, Brugal has been producing spectacular rums since 1888. The vision of Don Andrés Brugal, Brugal only distills its rum with Dominican-grown sugar cane and ages it in the unique conditions of the Dominican Republic sunshine in hand-selected barrels of American and European oak. The finished product, Brugal Anejo, is a bright, clean amber colour with a complex aromatic blend of vanilla, oak, and chocolate with lingering notes of caramel, mint, butter, and ginger. Hand-wrapped in its signature netting, this beautiful spirit adds an unforgettable depth and complexity to this month’s cocktails.