Rising Sun - Japanese Whisky Cocktail Kit

Rising Sun Japanese Whisky Cocktail Box
Thanksgiving in Japan Cocktail
Kappa Martini Cocktail
Shin-Shoga Sour Cocktail
Recommended Spirit -Suntory Toki Japanese Whisky


Rising Sun - Japanese Whisky Cocktail Kit

*This is our feature box for October and doesn't start shipping until early October. Pre-ordering guarantees a box when we do start shipping. This box will sell out.

Our Rising Sun Japanese Whisky Cocktail box was created using Suntory Toki. We highly recommend purchasing this brand for the best results but if it's unavailable locally you can substitute it with Nikka or another quality Japanese Whisky. Each recipe includes ingredients to make 4 cocktails. About Recipes

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About Rising Sun Japanese Whisky recipes 

Thanksgiving in Japan -  Delicious, easy drinking. This Japanese varietal tickles our Thanksgiving fancy, as it perfectly compliments both holiday-inspired ingredients such as Levels of Grandeur Sweet Potato syrup and thyme leaf, as well as unique Japanese elements like Matcha Ninja Sparkling Ube, goji berry and Choya 23 Ume liqueur.

Kappa Martini - Complexity and elegance in simplicity. This refined martini recipe is inspired by the approach to the culinary arts, as simple ingredients work together in perfect harmony; a slight briny hint from the furikake tincture blends seamlessly with the touch of smoke from the whisky, while fruity notes from the cucumber, Midori and sake concentrate keep things light and interesting. However, these ingredients are best served by an attentive mixologist, one who sees beauty in the most minute of details. Take your time with this one, it is well worth the effort.

Shin-Shoga Sour -In this distinct iteration of a classic sour, the refreshing bite of pickled ginger is amplified by other light and delicate ingredients like Kinsip Hibiscus/Rose bitters and Sudachi juice, yet the cocktail retains an airy, frothy feel. Balanced against the malty sweetness of rice syrup and a lingering smoke of Japanese whisky, and a touch of crumbly salt from the salted panko crust, this beautifully unique sour is the perfect cocktail to reset your palette

Recommended Spirit 

Japan produces a broad range of amazing whiskies, all with their own distinct flavour profiles. However, the problem that many consumers in North America encounter is two-fold; availability, and price. Specific brands can be hard to come by, especially if you live outside a major city, and once you do find the brand you’re looking for, the price tag can make some buyers very protective over how much whisky they pour and for whom. This is why, for this month’s box, Rising Sun, we recommend Suntory Toki Japanese Whisky. Not only does this widely available whisky have over 100 years of history behind its distillation, but it also possesses an eclectic profile which is well suited for use in many different cocktails, with a light, smoky body featuring notes of green apple, honey, basil, grapefruit and thyme. Best of all, it comes in at a price which does not break the bank. This beautiful whisky works perfectly with all the recipes found in this month’s box, but if you have a favourite Japanese whisky brand, we encourage you to experiment and see where these new flavour combinations take you.