Japanese Whisky Cocktail Kit

Japanese Whisky Box
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Japanese Whisky Cocktail Kit

Our Japanese Whisky box 'For Relaxing Times...' was designed using Suntory Toki. We highly recommend purchasing this brand for the best results. Each recipe includes ingredients to make 4 cocktails. About Recipes

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About Crafty Cocktail’s Japanese Whisky Cocktail Kit

Simplicity, execution, and technique; these qualities seem to be at the forefront of Japanese culinary and bar culture and are qualities that are extremely admired by our bartending team at Crafty’s. Take the inspiration for this month’s Crafty’s box ‘For Relaxing Times…’ Japanese whisky as an example. Although it is clear Japanese whisky is inspired by the Scottish style, the attention to detail and dedication to the craft of distilling has brought this spirit to the upper echelons of the whisky varietal in a very short period of time.

While whisky has been distilled in Europe and North America for hundreds of years, the Japanese style has only been around since the 1920s. However, in that time, they have become some of the most celebrated and well-regarded whiskies in the world today. This speaks to the Japanese mindset towards the production of any artisanal pursuit in general; an ability to take things to a level of precision and mastery which is often unparalleled in other parts of the world, and to do it in very little time.

In an attempt to imitate this commitment to the craft, we compiled a selection of drinks that highlight this wonderful spirit’s subtle brilliance, while simultaneously being simple, yet full of flavor and balance, resulting in a box full of wonderful ingredients, unique cocktails, and recipes which are simple, yet full of flavor.

The いずしレモネード (Izushi Lemonade), is a true example of North American flavors and style done with Japanese execution. Lemon, whiskey, bitters, and syrup; the classic components of a hard lemonade are present, but with flavors like fuji apple, chrysanthemum, green tea, yuzu, and sake making up the body, this drink is also very Japanese; perfectly balanced, light, and floral.

The 滝 (Waterfall) is all about technique. It is simple, with just five ingredients, but the incredible flavor comes from making the perfect cantaloupe and shiso-infused cream at home, which takes skill and patience. If done correctly, when mixed with sake syrup and Japanese whiskey, you have a Crafty’s cocktail which is one of the best ever created.

The 元気梨 (Spirited Pear), relies on simplicity. Being stirred, it is a spirit-forward drink, but the multiple layers of Asian pear, Ms. Better Mt. Fuji bitters, and sake are the perfect complement to both bring out the complexity of the whisky and make the cocktail itself extremely palatable, considering the punch it packs.

This box is, in essence, an attempt to emulate Japanese whisky itself; know the product, keep it simple, and execute properly. The result is one of the most exciting boxes to come out of the Crafty’s vault, so we hope you enjoy this month’s box ‘For Relaxing Times…’ because we sure had a fun time creating it.

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