Holiday Rum Cocktail Kit

Holiday Rum Cocktail Kit
Egg Snob Cocktail
Apple'a Day Cocktail
After 11:59 Cocktail
Recommended Spirit - Mount Gay Eclipse


Holiday Rum Cocktail Kit

LIMITED TIME OFFERING - Our Holiday Rum box was designed using Mount Gay Eclipse Caribbean Rum. We highly recommend purchasing this brand. Each recipe includes ingredients to make 4 cocktails. About Recipes

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About Holiday Rum recipes

Back by popular demand, 3 Holiday inspired recipes 

Egg Snob - Stir up some nostalgia with the Egg Snob, a boozy rendition of egg nog, featuring creamy egg yolk, Christmas spices, notes of citrus, and a salty touch of black sea salt. A boozy crowd pleaser.

After 11:59 - a playful, light, refreshing cocktail featuring amusing and festive flavors like chocolate/candy cane tea and pumpkin pie sugar. Fun candy cane garnish

Apple'a Day - Served hot, velvety drink featuring warming flavors such as apple, cinnamon, nutmeg, graham cracker, marshmallow, and buttery popcorn. Coconut oil wash. Fun cinnamon stick garnish. 

Crafty’s box RUM RUM RUDOLPH concentrates on rum with a lot of flavor, but only that which is gained from proper distillation and aging techniques, criteria which are often found in a good aged Caribbean rum. Not to be confused with ‘spiced’ rum, which often translates to ‘added sugar, artificial flavor, and color to cheap rum’, a finely aged Caribbean rum will contain flavors such as vanilla, coffee, honey, and tobacco on a very subtle spectrum, making for cocktails in which these flavors heighten the rest of the ingredients, rather than completely hijacking the drink’s flavor.

The three unique recipes in this month’s box highlight Aged Caribbean rum’s complex flavor profile, incorporating flavors that pair extremely well with this delicious spirit. While all three cocktails have distinct flavor profiles, as a whole, the Rum Rum Rudolph box is certain to get you in the mood for the holiday season and introduce you to the wonderful, flavorful world of Aged Caribbean rum.