Canadian Whisky Cocktail Kit

Quarantine & Chill Box (Rye)
Old Fashioned Man & The Sea Salt
Hyrule Stallion
Picasso's Lemonade
Forty Creek Barrel Select - Recommended Spirit


Canadian Whisky Cocktail Kit

Our Canadian Whisky box 'Quarantine & Chill' was designed using Forty Creek Barrel Select. We highly recommend purchasing this brand (or a quality Canadian Rye) for the best results. Each recipe includes ingredients to make 4 cocktails. About Recipes

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About Crafty Cocktail’s Canadian Whisky Cocktail Kit

*This box was designed during the first pandemic lockdowns to help lift spirits as everyone was stuck at home and waiting a month between cocktail boxes was a real bummer. The theme was activities we turn to during self-isolation.

Even though many of us are stuck inside right now, people have turned to a multitude of activities to help them pass the time. Painting, writing, reading, video games, craft projects, and, our personal favorite, drinking cocktails, are all things that help us to maintain our sanity.

To help your time inside be all the more enjoyable, we thought we’d put together a surprise cocktail box, the Quarantine & Chill, and allow you to share in our favorite quarantine pastime, drinking tasty craft cocktails! Inspired by all the other activities our bartender has been doing to occupy himself, this box features Canadian Rye (keep it local people) as its base spirit, and includes unique recipes which will help you to forget that the world has stopped spinning, although your head might start after a few of these. 

Staying at home doesn’t mean not having any fun. Get some rye (or better yet, get it delivered), pick your activity, and mix up the perfect cocktail for it with this impromptu box from Crafty’s, the Quarantine & Chill. While we can’t be together, we can at least drink alone…together. Enjoy!

The Old Fashioned Man and the Sea Salt is a cocktail for all the readers out there, a classy, elegant, spirit-forward cocktail featuring grapefruit, vanilla, and sea salt. Perfect for sipping while you are absorbed in all the books you have at your disposal nowadays, this is a simple recipe with a complex profile.

The Hyrule Stallion is for those who have delved into the alternate reality of video games, wielding weapons of untold power and traveling across mythical lands.  The combination of lime, ginger beer, and Seville orange marmalade will help you level up your attitude while you level up your character.

 Picasso’s Lemonade is perfect for all the artists who have been inspired and are using this time to create new things. A unique botanical palette of rosemary and lavender is contrasted against delicious Saskatoon berry bitters, with Meyer lemon and lavender syrup tying everything together. This refreshing cocktail will perk up your spirits and sustain your wonderful creative passion.

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