Brandy or Cognac Cocktail Kit

Brandy/Cognac Box
Noyer Noir (Brandy Walnut Old Fashioned)
CCB Alexander
Sparkling Pear
Brandy - Recommended Spirit


Brandy or Cognac Cocktail Kit

Our Brandy (or cognac) box was designed using Dujardin. We highly recommend purchasing this brand (or a nice cognac) for the best results. Each recipe includes ingredients to make 4 cocktails. About Recipes

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About Crafty Cocktail’s Brandy/Cognac Cocktail Kit

Winter is (was?) here and we at Crafty Cocktails wanted to celebrate with a box that will embrace the flavors of colder weather while also helping to warm you up, and what better way to do that with the belly-warming goodness of European brandy? In this month’s box ‘Brandy It’s Cold Outside’ we explore the complex nature of brandy and the many different tasting notes one can find within a single sip, with a focus on winter ingredients that will put you and everyone around you in a festive and cheerful mood.

The Noyer Noir Old Fashioned is may seem simple on the surface, but the intriguing profile of black walnut bitters, black lava salt, Rosso vermouth, and lemon zest all combine with sweet brandy into a complex winter sipper that has big flavor aspirations.

The C.C.B Alexander is Christmas in a glass, with the warming effects of brandy complimenting the light creamy texture of this cocktail, while subtle hints of cocoa, nutmeg, and demerara syrup add depth and complexity.

The Sparkling Pear relies on contradiction, where winter-inspired flavors such as mulberry, demerara syrup, and brandy clash with brighter ingredients like bartlett pear and sparkling soda, resulting in a drink that is light and refreshing while still maintaining the feel of a true winter cocktail.

While it may be cold outside, the ‘Brandy It’s Cold Outside’ box is here to keep you warm while still embracing the spirit of the season. With a ton of unique ingredients, fun recipes, and all-around delicious cocktails, you may just be ok with the winter weather for a bit longer, just as long as you have a warm house and a roaring fire to curl up beside. Cheers!

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