Bourbon 2021 Cocktail Kit

Thirstin' for Bourbon Cocktail Kit
Chai to Die For Cocktail Recipe
'I Give Thanks for Bourbon' Cocktail Recipe
Moonlight Scimitar Cocktail Recipe
Knob Creek 9 year Bourbon ( suggested brand)


Bourbon 2021 Cocktail Kit

Our Thirstin' for Bourbon box was designed using Knob Creek 9 Year. We highly recommend purchasing this brand. Each recipe includes ingredients to make 4 cocktails. About Recipes

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About Thirstin' for Bourbon recipes

I Give Thanks For BourbonSold Out. Effervescent, easy-drinking; sparkling white Cranberry/Ginger, Spiced Cranberry bitters and Cranberry/Rosemary syrup

Chai to Die For - Light and uplifting, velvety; Coconut Cream, aromatic flamed orange zest. Deep chai spice flavours.

Moonlight ScimitarSold Out. Refreshing, invigorating elements, bold and potent; Tamarind paste, Tumeric Ginger, Barrel-Aged Maple Syrup, and dehydrated orange.


At Crafty Cocktails, October means bourbon. It’s been that way since our conception and this year is no different. Bourbon is the perfect spirit for the month as its amber colour, woody, smokey flavour and typically deeper profile, featuring notes such as black cherry, tobacco, honey and apple, complement the shifting weather, as leaves begin to fall, and the air become brisk and invigorating. Bourbon not only compliments this time of year perfectly, but it also offers a perfect canvas for flavours that are conducive to the season, as we move from the refreshing and bright flavours of the summer to spicier and heavier ingredients which bring warmth to our palettes. Therefore, in October, we turn to this wonderfully complex spirit for our monthly box, and this month’s box, Thirstin’ for Bourbon is no exception.

              Bourbon has an incredibly rich history in the world of cocktails, as some of the very first cocktails on record made use of bourbon and many of the classics we still enjoy today, such as the Old Fashioned and the Julep, also rely on bourbon as their base spirit. Its role not only in cocktail lore but in the overall history of the United States is quite intriguing as well, as it played a part in the growth and prosperity of that country and in fact, still does, as one of its primary liquor exports. To say that bourbon is an important part of American, (and even Canadian), history is an understatement, with a story that is as complex as the spirit itself.

              Because of its warmer, deeper profile, and its place in cocktail history, there are many different directions one can take when creating bourbon cocktails, as the elements used can either reinforce bourbons distinct characteristics or counteract them with lighter, more refreshing ingredients. The key, however, is to always keep the distinguished profile of bourbon in mind, as its bracing flavour can often overwhelm ingredients. Therefore, strong flavours are needed in order to stand up to this base spirit, which is what you’ll find in this month’s Crafty Cocktails box.

              The lighter side is found in the I Give Thanks for Bourbon, an effervescent cocktail with an easy-drinking profile that still stands up to the bourbon, with ingredients like TOST Sparkling White Cranberry/Ginger, Bittermens New England Spiced Cranberry bitters and KVAS Cranberry/Rosemary syrup. Deeper flavours can be found in the Moonlight Scimitar, with elements such as tamarind paste, Truly Tumeric Ginger, Kinsip Barrel Aged Maple Syrup and dehydrated orange, which are bold enough to offset bourbon’s potent presence. The Chai to Die For is the perfect in-between, as the velvety Blue Monkey Coconut Cream and aromatic flamed orange zest are light and uplifting, while deeper flavours are provided by the Crafty Cocktails Chai concentrate.

              The cocktails found within this month’s box, Thirstin’ For Bourbon will please any diehard bourbon lover, but are also approachable enough to change the minds of those out there who are apprehensive of cocktails with this base spirit. There are so many fun and unique ingredients in this box, the unpacking might be as fun as the actual mixing of the cocktails. By the end, you might just find yourself looking at 2022 in your calendar, waiting for October and your next bourbon fix. Cheers!