Akvavit (Scandinavian Gin) Cocktail Kit

Akvavit (Scandinavian Gin) Box
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Akvavit (Scandinavian Gin) Cocktail Kit

FLASH SALE ITEM Our Akvavit box  'SKÁL FYRIR AKVAVIT, was designed using Linie Akvavit. We highly recommend purchasing this brand (or a quality Akvavit) for the best results. Each recipe includes ingredients to make 4 cocktails. About Recipes

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About Crafty Cocktail’s Akvavit Cocktail Kit

While it remains relatively obscure in North American cocktail culture, the potential for the use of Akvavit in cocktails should not be underestimated. While similar to gin in the distillation and flavoring process, this quintessential Scandinavian spirit exhibits a profile that is quite different from the recognizable flavor of juniper berry in standard Gins, as caraway and dill are the main flavoring agents here. Though this combination is as pungent as it is unique, a good Akvavit is as balanced and as smooth as any Gin out there, and if treated with care and approached with a keen palette, it can result in some truly amazing cocktails. This is what you will find in this month’s box, 'Skál Fyrir Akvavit', featuring three unique cocktails which will get you much better acquainted with this little-known spirit.

 The Asgardian Brew is a hot, steamy tea packed with a ton of flavors. Akvavit, mandarin, licorice root, cardamom, and a whole plethora of other ingredients are present here, and this drink features a fun and easy prep recipe which makes it effortless for you to reheat and serve this cocktail whenever you’re feeling cold.

 The Skrytio, like Akvavit itself, appears strange on the surface, but in actuality, it is extremely balanced and delicious. Featuring a variety of seemingly weird ingredients; sea buckthorn, carrot juice, muddled dehydrated orange, Regan’s No. 6 Orange Bitters, and Icelandic moss, this vibrantly orange cocktail is beautiful, extremely well balanced, and will surprise you in all the right ways.

 The Crafty’s Winter A&T puts a Scandinavian winter twist on an English summer classic. The fragrant notes of caraway and dill are extremely present here, complemented by a warming background of clove, allspice, chinchona bark, and star anise from Jimmy Tony’s Warm Winter Spice Tonic, while the fresh aromatics of orange zest and cinnamon bubble off the effervescent soda. Winter never tasted so refreshing.

 So indulge your tastebuds and explore the complex flavor profile of Akvavit with January’s Crafty Cocktails box, 'Skál Fyrir Akvavit' Featuring a ton of unique, rare, and mysterious ingredients, this box will keep you intrigued, entertained, and thirsting only to know more about Akvavit.

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