What's Inside?

Products We Use

• Bitters •

Aromatic tinctures in which high-proof spirits are infused using a combination of strong (tree bark/root, seeds, leaves etc) and lighter (dehydrated fruits, flowers) elements. Alcohol greatly increases the extraction of flavors from the dry ingredients, making for a highly concentrated flavoring agent; usually only 2-3 dashes are needed to make an impact

• Syrups •

Adding both sweetness and depth, infused simple syrups can add a variety of flavors to your cocktail. Anything from fruits and botanicals to spices and vegetables can be infused in a simple syrup, making their presence a staple in our curated boxes

• Shrubs •

 An infusion in which vinegars are combined with sweeter ingredients, mainly fruits and sugars. Given time, the sweeter ingredients help to break down the more abrasive sour qualities of the vinegar, leaving a pleasant, refreshing tang which many flavor profiles benefit from. Shrubs can be used in a variety of different cocktails, or simply added to soda

• Flower Water & Tonics •

Water that has been infused with the oil of flower petals. Infused by steeping or using astringent methods, flower waters add a botanical touch to cocktails that elevates aromatics, as well as flavor. 

 Tonic: The combination of quinine infused syrup & carbonated water has become a common beverage. the pleasant bitterness that this ingredient adds is unique. A standard ingredient in a bartender’s arsenal, modern cocktail tonics can be infused with a variety of different flavors that can either complement or contrast the bitter quinine base

• Fresh Herbs & Spices •

Our recipes often draw inspiration from many different places around the world. We therefore tend to include a wide variety of herbs and spices, both fresh and dry, in our curated boxes. While some may be common, like black pepper or rosemary, others may surprise you, such as bee pollen or butterfly pea flower

• Fresh Citrus •

Bartenders use many different types of citrus, but four main citrus types form the backbone of a bartender’s repertoire; lemon, lime, grapefruit and orange. While most boxes will contain at least one of the more common types, more unique varieties will often be included, such as kalamansi lime or blood orange