How does Crafty Cocktails work?

Crafty Cocktails is a subscription box that sends you all the ingredients you need (except the alcohol!) to make 12 fantastical cocktails with 3 different recipes. Each month we feature a new and exciting theme for our box such as “Gin For The Win” or “Canadian Rye Whiskey”. From here we will concoct 3 unique recipes utilizing some of the finest ingredients and flavors around.

Is there a membership fee or buying requirement?

There is no membership fee and no minimum buying requirement with Crafty Cocktails.

What! No alcohol?!

Crafty Cocktails does NOT include alcohol with our boxes. Shipping large bottles of alcohol can run your business into plenty of problems… by not including alcohol, we are able to reduce the price of our shipping costs (which lowers costs for you), and you can sign for the shipment without being 18+ (Alberta) or 19+ (rest of Canada). Trust us, the alcohol is the easiest ingredient to find! 

What is included in the box? 

Your Crafty Cocktails subscription box will arrive with enough ingredients to mix 12 cocktails from our 3 original cocktail recipes. We include fresh fruit like Lemons, Limes, and more unique varieties such as Calamansi Lime or Blood Oranges.

Can I make a one-time purchase instead of subscribing?

Currently, we do not have an option for ordering a single box. Once the month is finished and all orders have been shipped, we start to sell leftover boxes on our website.

I’m not a bartender or mixologist, is Crafty Cocktails right for me? 

Crafty Cocktails is perfect for you! With our cocktail kit monthly subscription, you can become the mixologist you’ve always dreamed of. We can teach you how to make craft cocktails and leave you with the knowledge to replicate them in the future. Impress a date, your friends, or simply make bartending at home fun and enjoyable instead of a choir. Craft your story one cocktail at a time!

I’m a bartender or mixologist, is Crafty Cocktails right for me? 

If you’re a bartender or mixologist, Crafty Cocktails can help elevate your game! Learn new and exciting cocktail recipes to add to your repertoire, and impress your boss with your new found knowledge. Our recipes are curated by some of the best bartenders in the country!

Can I choose my cocktails or spirits? 

You can pick your favorite brand to mix with our cocktail recipes. However, we strongly encourage you to make your cocktails with the recommended spirit for the month. Afterall, Crafty Cocktails box subscription is all about education in the world of cocktail creation!

Can I increase the servings in my kit? 

Each Crafty Cocktails box comes with enough ingredients to make 12 cocktails from 3 different recipes. If you want to mix more cocktails, you can always order an additional box!

What do I do if I want to make more of a cocktail in my Crafty Cocktails box?

Every Crafty Cocktails subscription box comes with 3 recipe cards specifically designed to help you create more cocktails after trying out the original ingredients.

Can I give Crafty Cocktails to someone as a gift? 

Crafty Cocktails is a wonderful gift for the cocktail lover in your life. By using our Gift a Cocktail Box option on our website, you can send a crafty cocktails subscription box directly to your recipient.

Will they receive notification? 

Only if you submit the recipients email address as well as the date that the recipient should be let know.

Placing an Order FAQs

What’s the difference between a subscription and a one time purchase? 

A cocktail kit subscription is an automatically renewed payment that happens at the first of each month. Once this payment has been processed, we will begin to get your order ready. A one time cocktail kit purchase has no subscription tied to it, and does NOT automatically renew at the end of the month.

Can I cancel my automatic order? 

Absolutely. If you are having second guesses about your box, and would like to cancel your order - you can do so from our website. 

When do I get charged? 

If you have signed up for a subscription, your first order will be processed immediately. The following orders will be processed on the first of each month. 

Shipping & Delivery FAQs

Do I need to be present when my shipment arrives? 

We recommend shipping your box to your home or office building so you can be there to pick up your shipment. We can deliver your box to a P.O. box

Should I ship to my home or work? 

We HIGHLY recommend that you have your Crafty Cocktails shipped to your business address, since someone 21 years old or older must sign for it. Crafty Cocktailses cannot be shipped to P.O. Boxes.   

Is the shipping cost included? 

Shipping is NOT included in the original price. Our shipping costs $5 per box across Western Canada, and traditional UPS charges for the rest of Canada. Due to the fresh ingredients included in our boxes, we must expedite the packages so that they arrive in time before they perish. 

Can I recycle my Crafty Cocktails packaging? 

Definitely! All of our Crafty Cocktails boxes are created from cardboard and are 100% recyclable.

When will my Crafty Cocktails ship? 

We always ship our boxes out at the beginning of the following month. For example, if you ordered a box in May, your shipment will be sent out in the first week of June.

How will I know when my Crafty Cocktails is on it’s way? 

Our email notification system will send you an email to let you know your shipment is on its way!

How long will the ingredients keep? 

The ingredients supplied in your Crafty Cocktails box will include some perishable items such as fruits and shrubs. It is in your best interest to start crafting your cocktails as soon as possible after you receive your package for the best results.

Where do you ship? 

We currently ship across all of Canada.