About Us

At Crafty Cocktails our passion is hand crafted cocktails. What is a “craft cocktail” you ask? Craft cocktails are a mixed beverage where every element is handmade or tailored specifically to the drink usually only found in high end cocktail lounges. Typically you will find handmade syrups or small batch bitters used, where the focus is on flavor, high quality ingredients and taking your time in order to do those ingredients justice. Whether simple or complex, the results are cocktails that are made with a lot more care than your usual mixed drinks and deliver a much more satisfying experience. At Crafty Cocktails we aim to recreate an experience typically reserved for boutique cocktail lounges, in the comfort of your own home. We offer a monthly cocktail box subscription service that includes expertly curated craft cocktail ingredients, bar tools and recipes all delivered to your doorstep in a stylish box. You will receive everything required (except the booze) to create perfectly balanced craft cocktails at home without breaking the bank or ending up with a liquor cabinet full of syrups and liqueurs that you will never use again. We have partnered with local vendors to utilize the highest quality ingredients ensuring your creations will be top shelf. Our in-house master mixologist oversees our monthly box contents as well as recipe curation. Whether you’re a confident cocktail enthusiast looking to step up your mixology game at a Friday night shindig or a keen novice looking for something more than that tired old vodka soda, we are confident that our box will be mail you get excited about.

So what are you waiting for? This weekend Make A Night In, A Night Out. Cheers