Rum Daiquiri Cocktail Kit

Rum Daiquiri Box
Femme Fatale
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Rum Daiquiri Cocktail Kit

Our Rum Daiquiri box 'To Be or Daiquiri' was designed using Ron Abuelo. We highly recommend purchasing this brand (or another Panamanian Rum) for the best results. Each recipe includes ingredients to make 4 cocktails. About Recipes

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About Crafty Cocktail’s Rum Daiquiri Cocktail Kit

Daiquiris seem to have a case of split personality. On the one hand, they appear on the menus of chain restaurants everywhere, usually in the form of goopy, over-sweetened, neon slush made from a carton of artificially flavored syrup. On the other, in their most authentic form, they are an extremely simple, yet balanced cocktail; refreshing, boozy, and a perfect canvas on which to add many different flavors and layers. As you may be able to tell by the tone of those descriptions, we at Crafty’s definitely prefer one style over the other.   

  At this point, our inspiration for this month’s box TO BE OR DAIQUIRI should be fairly obvious; to clear up any misconceptions there may be about what daiquiris are and showcase the potential they have for incorporating a plethora of tasty and unique ingredients.

 The Femme Fatale Daiquiri sticks close to the tropical roots of the original drink, incorporating tiki elements such as lime and falernum syrup, spiced with ginger and clove, all layered against the complex herbal profile of aged Panamanian rum and a fragrant absinthe mist.

  The Panama Libre Daiquiri takes the profile of a simple rum and Coke, also known as a Cuba Libre, and gives it a craft cocktail make-over. Ms. Better Kola bitters, raw sugar, lemon, and herbaceous dried sage all come together to create a cocktail that has a familiar profile, but a much more complex depth of flavor.

 The Balmy Toddy Daiquiri will transport your tastebuds to wherever you want to go. These ingredients can have many different associations for people; the warm, spicy taste of Hot Toddy syrup, the tropical notes of rum punch cherries, the malty sweetness of fresh orange, the boozy bite of aged Panama rum. Where you go all depends on where you started your relationship with these ingredients.

  So put down the blender, throw away your bright green bottle of ‘daiquiri mix’, your Crafty’s box for February, TO BE OR DAIQUIRI, is here to help you explore the world of authentic daiquiris with a box full of fun and unique ingredients that are sure to have you rethinking your next daiquiri order while out on the town.

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