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Canadian Craft Gin Cocktail Kit

Canadian Craft Gin Tour Box
Milieu Tonic Recipe
The GVA Recipe
Windowsill Shrub Recipe
Canadian Gin Recommendations


Canadian Craft Gin Cocktail Kit

Our Canadian Craft Gin Tour box was designed using multiple craft Gins from across Canada. We highly recommend purchasing your favorite small-batch Canadian gin or using one of the brands listed in our recommended spirit guide for the best results. Each recipe includes ingredients to make 4 cocktails. About Recipes

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About Crafty Cocktail’s Candian Craft Gin Tour

July is the month when we celebrate Canada and all it means to be Canadian. Our vast, multifaceted landscapes, our beautiful multicultural cities, our wonderful people and, of course, at Crafty’s, our love of great, Canadian-made cocktails. So what better way to celebrate all the fantastic characteristics of what it means to be Canadian than with this month’s Crafty Cocktails box, Canadian Craft Gin Tour, which is full of exciting recipes and ingredients that truly represent who we are.

               This box is centered around Canadian gin, a fast-growing sector of spirit distilling in our country with a lot of promise and some amazing products. Canadian gins showcase the different environments and taste found within our vast land because each distillery has their own unique interpretation of gin and use the herbs and botanicals found within their own distinct landscapes. The Canadian Craft Gin tour gives our customers a chance to get to know some of their local spirit producers as well as make some amazing cocktails.

               You will find all sorts of fun and interesting ingredients in this box, which highlight the diversity of our country, where elements from all over the world mix together and create something extremely novel and exceptional. These recipes aim to emulate the complex identity of our country; the nostalgic flavors of the Windowsill Shrub, the cosmopolitan profile of the GVA, or the melting pot of a cocktail that is the Milieu Tonic; all exhibit different elements of what it means to be Canadian.

               With a complex ingredients list that you’ve come to expect from a Crafty Cocktails box, you will find a fantastic array of cool and interesting elements to play with, such as Les Charlatans Strawberry/ Sichuan syrup, Shrubbery Co. Rhubarb/Orange Shrub, Rootside Roasted Dandelion bitters, Fitch and Leeds Indian Tonic, Prosyro Apricot syrup, sloe tincture, spruce tips and so much more.

               So, venture out to your favorite liquor store and peruse their selection of great local gins; there are a ton out there and they all have their own unique profile. Grab your preferred brand (and maybe some others to test with), and get to celebrating this great land with 3 amazingly unique, Canadian cocktails that will have you saying ‘O Canada, that’s good!’