Tiki Rum (January 2022)

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You may recognize this rum by the name, as Angostura is well-known in the bartending world, less so for their rum and more so for their bitters, which is the most widely used bitters in the world and can be found in almost every establishment you’ve ever had a drink in. The flavour of this bitters lies at the heart of Angostura’s rum offerings and The House of Angostura, which has produced bitters since 1824 and rum since 1947, is one of the Caribbean’s biggest and most awarded rum producers. Distilled exclusively in Trinidad, this rum uses locally grown sugar cane molasses, is fermented with the original 1947 yeast strain, and is aged in once-used American white oak barrels for a minimum of 7 years. Delivering a complex profile of maple, honey, chocolate and toffee, with aromatic notes of ginger, lemon and oak, Angostura 7-Year-Old Rum is the perfect complement to the ingredients found within this month’s box, Captain Crafty’s Winter Tiki Sojourn.

Weird Science

Sometimes creating cocktails can feel a bit like a science experiment; combining substances in just the right way with the hopes that the results yield a concoction that is delicious and not one that blows up in your face. While this can be a tricky endeavor, as the potential for a bad chemical reaction is always a risk, we at Crafty’s have been in the lab long enough to know what components amalgamate well together and, even more important, which combinations will be volatile. This particular experiment features a range of elements, such as Modern Cuisine Nuclear Neon Syrup, muddled lemongrass, Prosyro Zap solution and Blue Monkey Sparkling Coconut with Key Lime, resulting in a mixture that is bright and tropical with a creamy and effervescence profile. This is definitely an experiment gone right.

Float Plane

As the rumble of the engine recedes, you look out the window and watch the sun sparkle over the endless ravines of waves that stretch out to the horizon. The pontoons of the plane gently split the ocean water and guide you to your destination; the quay in the distance, leading to a tropical paradise behind. Ah, heaven! As you disembark the small, single-engine chariot that brough you here, you give the hull a grateful pat, silently thanking it for delivering you to this beautiful place. Someone greets you in a foreign tongue and hands you a drink, which you gratefully accept, taking a long sip and appreciating the flavours and aromatics of Fee Brothers Grapefruit Bitters, Crafty Cocktails Cinnamon syrup and Cinnamon-infused absinthe mist, with a generous helping of rum and the refreshing coolness of crushed ice. You lift your glass towards the plane, saluting the magical piece of machinery that brought you to this drink.

Nutty Mixologist

There exists within all of us a duality, biding its time, waiting to be released. Often, it comes on unexpectedly, pushed into existence by some external substance (a cocktail or two…), springing forth suddenly and with gusto. The tricky part is controlling it, using the conflicting nature of things to bring balance rather than allowing one persona to overtake the other. Not only can this be found within ourselves, but also in our cocktails. There is duality at play in this particular drink; tropical and sweet elements, like pineapple juice and Crafty Cocktails Vanilla syrup, contrast with earthy and bitter elements like the nutty aromatics of Frangelico mist or the pithy citrus flavour of Bittermens Orange Cream bitters and Prosyro Zap solution. While seemingly at odds with each other, the ingredients of this cocktail are in perfect balance, a cohesive whole which relies on duality for its completeness.

Captain Crafty's Winter Tiki Sojourn?

 The skies are grey, the ground is covered in snow, the air is chill. The days are short and the nights long. While it may seem bleak right now, this month’s Crafty Cocktails box, Captain Crafty’s Winter Tiki Sojourn, is here to offer a break from the winter with a trio of cocktails that will leave the snow behind and plant you in a tropical paradise. As the name suggests, this box is inspired by the ever-loved tiki style of cocktails, which tends to use big, bold flavours, invoking the beach life of sunshine, palm trees and gently crashing waves. With a beautiful Caribbean rum serving as the base spirit, these drinks are not a pile of fruity and sweet ingredients thrown together, but are expertly balanced with tropical elements like pineapple, vanilla and coconut balanced against a variety of herbs and spices like cinnamon, lemongrass, turmeric and hazelnuts. While we can’t change the weather outside, we can change the cocktails inside your glass, so escape the winter the best way we know how, by drinking! ! 

Missed this box? Click here to order a one-time delivery from our shop!

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