Slice of Bourbon (May 2022)

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Maker's Mark Bourbon

One of the most recognizable bourbon brands around, it is hard to miss a bottle of Maker’s Mark Kentucky Bourbon with it’s signature red wax seal, in which every bottle is still hand-dipped to this day. Beyond its recognizability however, Maker’s Mark also produces one of the best bourbon’s in Kentucky, following a tried and tested production process, much of which is still also done by hand. Hand selected Red Winter wheat and Kentucky limestone filtered water derived from a single source are fermented with a 150 year old heirloom yeast strain and distilled in unique double-barrel stills, giving this whisky its exceptional flavour. Its distinct taste is further refined during its aging process, where precisely charred oak barrels are hand rolled throughout the storehouse, ensuring an everchanging aging environment over 6-8 years. True craftsmen of their trade, Maker’s Mark is one of the finest bourbons on the market and is the recommended base for this month’s Crafty Cocktails box, ‘A Slice of Bourbon’.

Blu Julep

‘It’s a beautiful sunny day here at the Crafty Cocktail Downs, as the ingredients all take their place at the starting gate. And they’re off!! After the first turn, its Maker’s Mark with a commanding lead, Jam Goddess right behind with that beautiful blueberry/lime flavour keeping her in stride, followed closely by Blue Limes shimmering purple in the afternoon sun. Coming into the straight, Maple/Mint syrup makes a move, gaining ground with a bold yet refreshing presence, while Mint Leaves brings up the rear, hammering down the track, keeping themselves relevant throughout the entire race. As they approach the finish line, where a golden crown of graham cracker rim awaits the winner, it’s incredibly difficult to tell who will come out on top. And there’s the finish! And what a finish it is! All the ingredients are in total balance with each other! It looks like we’ll have to check the photo finish to see who took the title at this year’s Blu Julep Derby!’

Shake Shack

In simpler times, one would head down to the malt shop to satisfy their summertime cravings for a cold treat on a hot day. As malt shops are now a thing of the past however, we have to turn to alternatives to scratch this itch, and for us at Crafty Cocktails, we, of course, look to cocktails to cool us down on a hot summer’s day. This beautifully complex cocktail has all the flavours one would expect from an ice cream parlor; candied strawberries, creamy vanilla almond milk, banana and chocolate, along with more complex notes expected from a craft cocktail; like savory sherry concentrate, sour Ms. Better’s Green Strawberry bitters and the sweet, oaky, spicy profile of bourbon. A perfect union of all the things you love about both an ice cream shoppe and a cocktail bar, this cocktail is sure to take you down memory lane and keep you cool in the sun, in both temperature and attitude.

Peachy Keen-Tucky

I do declare, it’s hotter than the hinges on the gates Hades out here. I’m fixin’ to have myself a little sip of the devil’s nectar but need something with a flavour sweeter than a Georgia peach. It’s got me thinking of when I was but a wee prairie dog, eatin’ Momma’s peach cobbler from noon til’ night, waitin’ for Pa to come back from his moonshine still. What’s that over yonder? Looks like Crafty Cocktails is mixin’ up something as tasty as all get out. With all sorts of bells and whistles in it, like Mighty Pine Mixer Peach Cobbler, Peach Rooibos concentrate, Fee Brother’s Peach Bitters and just a pinch of lemon, this sure is a cocktail I could drink till the cows come home. Now if ya’ll fine folks would excuse me, I’ll be relaxin’ on that there porch, drinkin’ and being about as useful as a mule with a steering wheel.

Why Bourbon?

For the bar team at Crafty Cocktails, autumn is usually the time when our palettes thirst for bourbon, as the flavours of this season compliment the deeper, spicier, oaky notes of this sophisticated spirit. However, we also know that this beautiful whisky varietal lends itself extremely well to more bright and fruity profiles, elements which are perfect for summertime cocktail sipping. As we have done many fall inspired bourbon boxes in the past, we figured it was time to create a bourbon box which celebrates the summery side of this amber liquor with this month’s box ‘A Slice of Bourbon’. For inspiration, we turned to another Southern classic, fruit pies, to create a beautiful range of cocktails which will take you straight to the blistering heat of the American South, the birthplace of bourbon. Classic pie flavours like blueberry, peach and strawberry drive the overall flavour profiles of this month’s 3 cocktails, with a plethora of craft ingredients, like Jam Goddess Blueberry/Lime Jam, Mighty Pine Mixer Peach Cobbler, Ms. Better’s Mah Kwan Green Strawberry bitters, Peach Rooibos concentrate, Fee Brother’s Peach Bitters, Crafty Cocktails Maple/Mint Syrup, Sherry concentrate and candied strawberries adding depth and complexity. So, jump into a sweltering summer with this amazing box, ‘A Slice of Bourbon’ from Crafty Cocktails.

Missed this box? Click here to order a one-time delivery from our shop!

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