September 2020 - Blanco Tequila

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This month’s box Blanca was designed using Espolon Blanco Tequila. Double-distilled using 100% Blue Weber agave, this tequila has exceptional smoothness while its flavour profile is incredibly pungent and distinctive. Boasting a remarkably sweet profile, notes of pineapple, vanilla, herbal spice and black pepper make this tequila distinctive yet extraordinarily enjoyable and perfect for cocktails found within this month’s box.

Why Blanco Tequila

For this months box, Blanca we wanted to keep summer going and provide a variety of cocktails that were fun, boozy and easy-drinking, so you could sit on your backyard patio and enjoy the last vestiges of the summertime sun. Blanco tequila immediately came to mind, as its pungent yet unobtrusive flavour provides the perfect canvas on which to create simple, delicious cocktails that will keep you drinking long after the sun has set. An approachable menu with straightforward, delicious drinks was the focus here and the result is a list that will impress you both with its varied flavour profile, as well as its stunning presentation.
The Quetzalcoatl Sour is a perfectly balanced cocktail that offers not only a brilliant magenta colour, but an approachable and appetizing flavour, perfectly balanced by the sour lime, the sweet agave and the bitter flavour of lime leaf bitters.

The Saludable has your best interest at heart, giving you a wholesome dose of health-conscious ingredients such as turmeric, black pepper, lemon grass and ginger kombucha so you can enjoy this cocktail (somewhat) guilt free.

The Crafty’s Paloma puts a simple yet unique twist on a classic tequila cocktail, employing exclusive ingredients such as Squirt Grapefruit Soda from Mexico and salted, dehydrated Pomelo rinds to give it that Crafty Cocktails flair you have come to expect.

All in all, the Blanca box has all the elements to provide the perfect end to your summer. Fruity, easy drinking cocktails with vibrant colours and unique flavour profiles that will have you wondering where the last few months have gone, and why the sun has to stop shinning while you’re having such a good time. Enjoy!


Quetzalcoatl Sour

The serpent god Quetzalcoatl was the ancient Mesoamerican god of the elements, specifically wind and rain. The pure driving force of nature was his domain and this cocktail represents the simple, yet powerful elements of a good cocktail. Acid, sugar, bitter and herbal aspects all have their part to play, yet, on the surface, this cocktail is mysterious. Dragon Fruit, which gives this vibrant cocktail its colour, adds a slight tropical touch, but is by no means the focus of this drink. Instead, an incredibly balanced profile of lime, agave, lime leaf bitters and frothy egg white delivers a cocktail which is straight to the point and ever so delicious. Enjoy the wonderful magenta colour (it is absolutely stunning) but simple balance of a fantastic sour-style cocktail that looks as good as it tastes.




Who says you can’t drink and be heathy at the same time? This delicious cocktail has the best of both worlds. With a solid pour of tequila, you will be the life of the party, but your body and head will thank you in the morning, as many of the ingredients are incredibly good for you. With tasty yet beneficial components such as turmeric, black pepper, lemongrass,  local ginger kombucha and agave, this libation will put you on the right track to feeling as great at night as you do when you wake up. Featuring a vibrant yellow/orange colour and so many fresh herbs and spices, your taste buds will go on one hell(th) of an adventure. Enjoy your night and have a pleasant tomorrow!

Crafty's Paloma

Messing with classics is a trend here at Crafty’s. We like to introduce people to drinks that have been around forever, but also put our own spin on them. Educating people on universally known cocktails everyone encounters at your favourite bars is our mission. At the same time, you have to know it’s a genuine Crafty’s cocktail. This version of a Paloma has the usual suspects in terms of ingredients; grapefruit, tequila, agave and salt, but also includes unique ingredients like dehydrated pomelo rinds and an authentic Mexican grapefruit soda known as Squirt, which is super popular in Central America. Light, refreshing, and a touch salty, this cocktail delivers on the classic cocktail everyone knows, but adds a unique twist you can only find in a Crafty Cocktails box.

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