October 2020 - Fall Bourbon

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This month’s box, was created using Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Distilled on the banks of the Kentucky River for over 200 years, Buffalo Trace is one of the oldest and most well-known bourbon brands on the market and is praised by many for its spectacular flavour and balance. Subtle notes of vanilla and mint transition into deeper flavours such as brown sugar, anise and toffee, with a smoky oak finish that lingers. This is a bourbon that makes its presence known, but is complex enough to compliment the broad range of flavours found in this month’s recipes

Why Bourbon?

October, the time of year when the leaves are turning, the air has a distinct crispness, the TV plays continuous episodes of The Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror, and our attention at Crafty’s inevitably turns to bourbon. For us, it is as unavoidable as the snow which is soon to follow this magical season. Our love for bourbon inspired us to find new flavour combinations and recipes for this month’s box, resulting in cocktails that highlight this unique and delicious spirit’s potential.
Bourbon’s exceptional flavour is the result of two distinct elements of its production which separates it from all the other whiskies of the world. The first is the use of corn instead of grain in the fermentation process, giving the spirit its sweet molasses flavour. The second is its aging process, which takes place in charred American White Oak barrels, giving it that characteristic smokiness. The result is a flavour profile which is unmistakable and the perfect compliment to the flavours that autumn has to offer.

The Crafty Shaft gets your night (or perhaps day) started off right. In this twist on a Canadian classic, bourbon is the life of the party, Nitro Bros. Cold Brew brings a jolt of energy, while a velvety Irish Cream syrup and a dash of Smoke and Oak bitters introduce a wonderful and inventive complexity.

The Framboise Fumeé celebrates the smoky side of bourbon with a fun DYI applewood smoke-infused glassware method and Smoke and Oak bitters, while utilizing other elements to emphasize bourbon’s fruit forward side. Raspberry infused sugar, exclusive JamGoddess Brandied Raspberries and a touch of lime mingle with the smoke to create a truly unique flavour profile.

The Smash into the Void blends the line between the last vestiges of the balmy summer and the dark of the oncoming winter. A traditional Smash recipe with a Crafty’s twist, lemon and basil take you back to hotter days while the jet-black colour of activated charcoal reminds us that winter is just around the corner.

Featuring a ton of unique ingredients and fun and flavourful recipes, this month’s celebrates both the deliciousness of bourbon and the season in which it is best enjoyed (and inspires us the most). Whether you’re trying to soak up the last rays of the summer sun or enjoying that brisk autumn chill that tells you winter is on its way, there’s a drink for everyone in this month’s box. 

Crafty Shaft

While the origins of this classic Canadian cocktail are widely debated (was it invented in Calgary or Victoria?), the reasons for its popularity are undeniable. Need a pick-me-up before you head out for a night of partying? How about something to shake off the cobwebs of the morning hangover and enjoy your Sunday brunch? Or perhaps a little liquid courage and pep before you hit the slopes? There are so many reasons for the wonderful combination of alcohol and caffeine, not to mention they taste great together. The sweet, warming character of bourbon takes the place of vodka in the Crafty’s Shaft, a welcome change for any whiskey lover. A rich, syrupy layer of 1883 Irish Cream syrup provides a creamy mouthfeel, while Ms. Better Smoke and Oak bitters provides a deep, rich background for the caffeine kick of Nitro Bros. Cold Brew that every Shaft recipe needs. Sip it slowly or put a straw in it and shoot it

Smash Into the Void


Perception is a curious thing; what we perceive drives our expectation, and it is always very amusing when reality delivers something completely different than what we expected. This is the concept behind the Smash into the Void, a cocktail whose colour and flavour are seemingly out of sorts. While the deep black colour provided by the activated charcoal makes one think of deeper flavours, such as chocolate, coffee or molasses, the profile of this cocktail is bright, citrusy and fresh. Made in the style of a traditional smash, the combination of lemon and basil are cooling and lively, while the muddled raw sugar brings a malty sweet balance to the drink. All these elements work in unison to persuade your palette to taste beyond the colour. Add some surprise and unexpectedness into your life with this unique take on a fresh Southern classic.

Framboise Fumée

Ah, the elegance of smoke; the way it dances with the subtle swirling of the air, the way its rich and warming aroma transports us to memories of nights by the fire or siting in a dark, smoke-filled jazz club (*sigh*, those were the days). Its potency to captivate drives many to harness it in any way they can, although this can prove to be difficult and elusive. However, cocktails offer a fantastic medium for capturing this magical flavour. Starting with an applewood smoked glass and backed by the smoky essence of Ms. Better Smoke and Oak bitters, smoke meets an unlikely, yet extremely compatible companion in raspberries, in the form of infused sugar and exclusive Brandied Raspberries from JamGoddess. A touch of zesty from lime offers a counterpoint to the deep flavor of this drink, while crushed ice provides a cooling touch. The bold, yet delicate layers of the Framboise Fumée are many, yet the smoke is what will draw you in, and keep you thirsting for more.

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