October 2019 - Call Me Old Fashioned

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As the days start getting colder, and we come out of the summer months, there are still plenty of ways that one can stay warm. Bourbon is definitely one of them, especially when enjoyed in delicious cocktails like the ones found in Crafty’s November box, Call Me Old Fashioned. The warm, smoky notes of this distinct American whiskey often feature deep, darker flavors, such as cherries, honey, charred oak, and apple, making it an ideal candidate for a box that celebrates Autumn, a season often associated with similar flavors. While bourbon can be one of the more difficult spirits to incorporate into cocktails because of its unique and sometimes overpowering profile, if it is paired with complementary flavors and approached with an experienced understanding of its character, it can make for cocktails which are enjoyable even to the most discerning of palettes.

To ease the transition from summer to colder weather, the Dizzy Moods combines tropical flavors such as kalamansi lime with warmer profiles of blood orange tea and ginger ale to create a cocktail which is refreshing and bright, with touches of spice. Delving further into flavors the flavors of fall, the Autumn Smash features classic seasonal flavors of apple and walnut, while maintaining a touch of freshness with the addition of lime and mint. To really warm you up on those particularly brisk Autumn nights, the Crafty’s Old Fashioned follows a simple, well made, traditional recipe that allows Bourbon to showcase its potential in straightforward, yet technical cocktail mixing. Don’t be afraid of the coming cold, warm up with some delicious Bourbon cocktails, found only in the Call Me Old Fashioned box from Crafty Cocktails this November.

Crafty's Old Fashioned

Wearing a sharp suit and drinking whiskey cocktails from your globe bar in the middle of the workday is a thing of the past, and so are properly made Old-Fashioneds. Recently, the Old Fashioned has suffered through countless and complex remakes, remixes and edits, all in an attempt to produce a ‘unique’ or ‘perfect’ version of this delicious cocktail. However, most attempts fall flat when compared to a simple, but meticulously well-made Old Fashioned. The Crafty’s Old Fashioned recipe relies on a basic mantra of bartending; straightforward ingredients, proper technique and attention to detail. While simple on the surface, a good Old Fashioned depends not so much on the complexity or quality of your ingredients, but the patience and scrutiny of the person making it. Take your time and reap the benefits of your perseverance with a simple yet delightful version of this classic cocktail.

Dizzy Moods

While lime, lemon, orange, and grapefruit all have their place among the elite of cocktail citrus, more subtle and sweet flavors in this genre tend to be not as prevalent. A prime example, the Kalamansi is well-known in South Asia, especially the Philippines, but does not often appear in North American cocktail culture. Reminiscent of mandarin, but boasting a noticeable sour kick, the Kalamansi pairs very well with a properly spiced tea, malty blood orange, and smoky bourbon. All these ingredients come together in the Dizzy Moods, which celebrates the complexity of this unique citrus in a refreshing and easy-drinking cocktail. Make sure to stick close to something you can grab on to because, after a few of these, you will know where this cocktail gets its name.

Autumn Smash

Autumn is a magical time of year; the air is crisp and fresh, the leaves are changing, the bountiful harvest of the farms and orchids are ready to enjoy. This all makes for an ideal time to enjoy a cocktail that embraces the unique characteristics of this stimulating season. The Autumn Smash is a drink that does just that, adding fall flavors to a well-known bourbon classic. Building on a traditional base of mint, lime, and bourbon, this smash incorporates familiar autumn flavors of Gala apple and black walnut to create a flavor profile which has both bright and fresh elements, as well as deeper, warmer flavors. The end result is a wonderfully balanced drink that is extremely representative of the season which inspired it. Celebrate the colors and flavors of this wonderful season, both in your glass and in the world around you.

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