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What would New Year's Eve be without a glass full of that golden, effervescent liquid we call sparkling wine? As the hour of celebration nears, the corks are popped, there is hurried pouring and overflowing of glasses to make sure everyone has something to toast with. Then comes the sweet, bubbly taste of that first sip of the New Year. All this makes sparkling wine an inseparable companion to one of our best-loved and most party-heavy holidays. But the New year is a time for new things, and perhaps its time to kick up the celebrations with the Crafty Cocktails New Year box Poppin Bottles Designed to enhance the drink of choice for this special night, this box features cocktails which will have everyone around you wondering why their New Years toast seems a little less elegant this year. This box highlights the wonderful flavor profiles which sparkling wine can possess, anything from dry, oaky notes, to fresh fruit like berries and apples, to the rich sweetness of honey or caramel. While some flavors are complimented, other ingredients are contrasted and might just defy your expectation of the flavors that can inhabit a simple champagne flute.

              The Purple Pearls explores how a touch of Merlot infused salt can enrich the complexity of sparkling wine, while floral notes of lavender add a fragrant and delicious botanical background. The Midnight Mass is as visually intriguing as it is an adventure of taste and texture. Nutty, creamy notes of orgeat play beautifully against the fizzy profile of sparkling wine, while earthy, herbal notes of rosemary and smoke help to ground the sweeter flavors. The beautiful white color and the smoking charred rosemary garnish are also sure to make heads turn at that pivotal time of the night. Enhancing the berry profile often found in sparkling wine, the Chez Royale draws inspiration from the classic Champagne cocktail, the Kir Royale, using the fresh, rich flavor of blackcurrant to highlight similar flavors within the wine itself.

              With the amazing selection in the Poppin Bottles box, it is important to remember one thing; make sure you’re aware of the time and have your favorite cocktail made and ready to drink when the clock strikes midnight. Don’t get caught in a mad rush making your drink while everyone else is ringing in the New Years with their own flavorful Crafty’s creation in hand.


Purple Pearls

Pearls are the epitome of natural perfection. They represent a slow, gradual, constant process in which sand is transformed into a flawlessly round gem; smooth, white and seamless. This impressive process results in a beautiful specimen, and with patience and care, you can produce a cocktail that possesses these same features. Starting from a base of bubbly wine, this cocktail is subtlety transformed into something beautiful with the addition of floral lavender, sour meyer lemon and dry, oaky Merlot infused sea salt, resulting in a drink which is simple on the exterior but incredibly complex below the surface. See how time and care can take simple ingredients and result in something complex and unexpected.  

Midnight Mass

Once a year, we gather together at an ungodly hour and celebrate the birth of a New Year, festivities which often call for a glass of bubbly in one’s hand. However, with this cocktail, you can anoint your toast to the coming year with something other than the usual glass of sparkling wine. By adding flavorful touches of creamy orgeat and smoky charred rosemary, the traditional New Years' Eve libation is baptized in the unexpected and unique. Simple and delicate, this visually stunning cocktail will draw a coveting gaze from many a party-goer during the countdown and convert them to the gospel of the sparkling wine cocktail.

Chez Royale

At New Years, you are meant to feel like royalty. It is the one time a year we can party like Kings and Queens and get away with it. A proper ruler always requires a proper libation, especially when toasting a monumental event such as the coronation of a New Year. Revel in this play on the classic Kir Royale, featuring dry, fruity notes of blackcurrant, a touch of sour and, of course, bubbles, and survey your kingdom at years end, whatever it may be. This regal offering will help you feel like monarch you are when it counts the most, at the start of a new year!

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