August 2019 - Muerte Por Tequila

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In Mexican culture, death or muerte, is interpreted not as an ending, but as a part of a larger cycle, the start of a new path along the road of existence. Crafty’s August box, ‘Muerte por Tequila’, embraces this view of death, taking classic mixtures and sending them on new conceptual paths. Influenced by traditional tequila cocktails, such as margaritas or mules, which, although amazing, have been done to death on countless menus, this box explores new avenues with flavor combinations such as fresh strawberry/rhubarb with spicy chili/lime, or floral elderflower with zesty ginger. With such amazing recipes, these cocktails are given new purpose, and venture into places rarely tread before. Keeping on the path less explored, unique and rare ingredients such as butterfly peaflower and lemongrass/raspberry tea combine to make completely new, but still extremely delicious drinks, such as the Purple Pecera, where tequila acts as an anchor, helping to keep this otherworldly drink in the realm of mortals. To truly get to the next level of cocktail making, you may have to lay what you thought you knew about cocktails to rest, but this month’s box will help you to achieve another plane of your cocktail-making existence.

BarboFresa Margarita

Whether tequila is your best friend or a mortal enemy, we are all familiar with the classic Mexican cocktail, the margarita. This simple and refreshing drink is incredibly susceptible to a vast number of variations, as the simple flavor scheme pairs well with many different combinations. For the Crafty’s rendition, sour lime is contrasted with fresh strawberry and tart rhubarb, while spicy elements of orange bitters and a chili/lime salt rim add an enjoyable tingle, creating a cocktail that will keep you in a summer state of mind, no matter the weather outside. Make sure you are dressed appropriately, it's about to get sunny in here!

Suaco Mule

Why head to the cold of Moscow when you can stay warm by enjoying this Mexican twist on a classic cocktail? While vodka tends to get lost in the more common Moscow Mule, the Saúco Mule utilizes tequila’s distinct flavor profile to enhance the depth of flavor in this libation.  This wonderfully flavorful spirit is accented by the zesty flavors of lime and ginger, with a subtle hint of elderflower to keep everything bright and airy. Everything is rounded out by the addition of a spicy ginger beer, adding a flavorful kick as well as a delightfu1l effervescence. This drink packs a punch of flavor, and you’ll soon be whipping them up like they were a rented…well, you get the picture.

Purple Pecera

Colorful drinks are meant to be enjoyed in the sunshine, and this stunningly purple concoction is no exception. Butterfly peaflower is a unique ingredient that, when mixed with citrus, transforms from a deep blue to a vivid royal purple, resulting in cocktails that are as fun to look at as they are to drink. ‘Blue Crush’ herbal tea is loaded with these fascinating flowers and boasts a wealth of other elements such as raspberry, rose, and lemongrass. The addition of elderflower cordial boosts the floral aromas, while tequila and lime round out the beachy vibes. Even if you’re in your kitchen on a brisk fall night, the flavor and color of this drink is guaranteed to transport you somewhere sunny.

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