Mezcal (June 2022)

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Jaral De Berrio Mezcal

This month’s box, Corazón de Mezcal, was designed using Jaral De Berrio Mezcal, a multiple award winning mezcal produced in the historic San Filipe Torres area of Guanajuato, Mexico. The Hacienda located here has been producing mezcal since 1764 and still uses their traditional recipe to distill this delicious spirit. Jaral de Berrio differs from other mezcals as they opt to steam their agave hearts, rather than smoke them, which is what you typically find with other mezcals. This results in a lighter, fresher profile that allows the more subtle notes of the agave to shine through, making it a superb candidate to use in cocktails, as the overwhelming smoke flavour is no longer present. Instead, while subtle smoke flavours linger, this mezcal has a bright, clean and tropical profile, complimented by notes of chocolate, citrus, tobacco and chili. A wonderful addition to all the cocktails in this month’s box, Jaral de Berrio provides all the beautiful notes mezcal brings to cocktails, without the overpowering profile of smoke.

Ancho Average

When we are young, there is often a desire to fit in to the mainstream and be just like everyone else. As we age however, it becomes clear that it is our most eccentric and singular characteristics which make us special and allow us to realize our full potential. Striving to be something more than just ‘average’ is a powerful tool, as the best things in life tend to come to those who walk the path less followed. This is the motivation behind this one-of-a-kind cocktail; something beautiful arising from something peculiar. With a not-so-average combination of ingredients, including the bold presence of mezcal, ancho peppers, cilantro tincture, Miguelito Chili/Lemon Seasoning, Ancho Reyes Liqueur Mist, all balanced with a hint of orange and lime, this cocktail is simultaneously savory, sweet, refreshing and citrusy. This truly distinct cocktail proves that the ignoring the ordinary leads to the extraordinary.

Smoldering Vines

Smoke loves tropical flavours, its just a fact. This classic combination has been seen many times over in the world of mixology, and with good reason; the earthy quality of smoke plays so easily against the bright, refreshing canvas of tropical fruits. This is because both profiles are so big, so in your face, that rather than one overbearing the other, both work in perfect harmony, instantaneously amplifying and restraining each other to create perfect balance. However, it is a complex high-wire act, a razors edge, that maintains this delicate dance and ensures that one profile does not drown out the other. You will find this perfectly exemplified in this delicious and refreshing cocktail, where the earthy smoke of mezcal, accentuated by muddled allspice and Bittered Sling Moondog bitters, is balanced against an onslaught of tropical ingredients, such as fresh passionfruit, Ms. Better’s Pineapple/Anise bitters, and Jarritos Pineapple Soda. Smoke and tropical fruit, it’s a winning combination!

Siesta Key

Picture in your mind the perfect beach; a place where white sands seem to stretch on forever, warming rays from the sun poke softly through the frons of lush green palm trees and gentle rolling waves lull your once busy mind into a sense of unmistakable calm. Now, when you picture this most sublime scene, is there a cocktail in your hand? There should be! If you ever find yourself in this most tranquil setting, but without the necessary libation present, may we suggest this beautifully balanced cocktail, one that is sure to complete any vision of paradise. While the bold presence of mezcal provides a solid base, more delicate, yet complementary ingredients, like Crafty Cocktails raspberry-infused agave syrup and lemon, create a refreshing combination, bolstered by the zippy, spicy flavours of muddled ginger and Bittered Sling Moondog bitters, the perfect cocktail for your perfect beach. Imagination is a powerful thing, but so is a tasty cocktail.

Why Mezcal?

Mezcal is an extremely curious spirit. Its smoky, bold profile can often times be overwhelming, especially when you find it in a cocktail. For many, mezcal cocktails are intimidating, being notoriously difficult to keep in balance, as the unmistakable profile of this spirit has a tendency to overpower any other flavour it meets. Lucky for you, however, the Crafty Cocktails team loves a good challenge and this month’s box, Corazón de Mezcal, highlights mezcal’s potential to be the driving force behind some truly spectacular cocktails. Of course, to achieve this, we needed a little help from a beautiful array of amazing ingredients as well. In this month’s box, you will find the fruity; lemon, lime, orange and raspberry-infused agave, the spicy; fresh ginger and Bittered Sling Moondog Bitters, the tropical; fresh passionfruit, Ms. Better’s Pineapple/Anise Bitters, Jarritos Pineapple Soda, and the unexpected; ancho peppers, Miguelitos chili/lemon seasoning, cilantro tincture and Ancho Reyes Liqueur. Bold drinks and flavours abound in this month’s box, Corazón de Mezcal, but with mezcal at its heart, that’s what one should expect!

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