May 2020 - Musical Mezcal Mayhem

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Just like music, cocktails are the result of creativity, a way for a bartender to express the experiences which influence and excite them. For the bartender at Crafty’s, music has always been a source of inspiration for his cocktails, so he decided to create a menu that speaks to his passion for music, and more importantly, his love of the classic Mexican liquor, mezcal.

This month’s box, Musical Mezcal Mayhem, celebrates this wonderfully smoky spirit which, while closely related to tequila, features several key differences. While its popularity in North American cocktail culture is still evolving when compared to tequila, mezcal is actually a more broad term for spirits in Mexico, as it is distilled all over the country and includes any spirit distilled from the Agave plant.

Tequila is made only in specific regions, can only be distilled with blue agave and is largely distilled using European/North American-style stills and aged in wooden barrels. However, mezcal is often produced and aged using traditional Mexican methods; fermented and distilled in buried clay or copper pots lined with charcoal and burnt wood, resulting in a spirit which is smoky and carries a much more earthy profile.

               But enough about specifics of the spirit, let's talk about the music which gave life to these cocktails. The Red Hot Moon, a cocktail inspired by the punk band Rancid, has a rebellious spirit and uncompromising attitude, as the spice from habanero peppers is blended with chocolate and orange in a spirit-forward, Old Fashioned style cocktail that is bold, spicy and unpredictable.

The Ramblin’ Man invokes the carefree attitude of classic rock, with a diverse profile of pomegranate, wild rose, almond, date, and lime. While seemingly ragtag, it is this cocktail’s open-mindedness, complexity, and diversity which actually make it so interesting and compelling, just like the pilgrims and preachers of the traveling rock bands of the 60s and 70s.

As raw as the other two genres can be, where would music be without the heavily produced, yet seductive synth beats of the 80s and 90s. Madonna’s sexual persona blazed a trail for many other artists, and so we pay tribute with the silky, lascivious Dress You Up, featuring a velvety palette of tropical pineapple, sour hibiscus, and zesty ginger.

 The cocktails in May’s Musical Mezcal Mayhem box were inspired by two of our bartender’s favorite things, music, and mezcal, so put on some of your favorite tracks, crank the speakers to 11 and get mixing with another great selection of tasty drinks from Crafty Cocktails! Enjoy!


 This month box, Musical Mezcal Mayhem, was designed using Los Seite Misterios Doba-yej Mezcal, a finely balanced cocktail mezcal from one of the more prominent distilleries of the Oaxaca region. Made from tahona-harvested Agave Espadin and distilled in traditional copper alembic stills, this mezcal was specially formulated for use in cocktails, meaning that it has all the familiar components of a typical mezcal, but is also lighter on the smoke profile and focuses more on a balance of flavors. The result is a mezcal which both stands out in a cocktail, as well as brings flavors together without overpowering individual ingredients. Boasting a complex palette which includes stone fruits, leather, notes of citrus, and of course smoke, this excellent mezcal lends itself well to the complex flavor profiles included in this months box.

NOTE: If it proves difficult to locate this mezcal, or is a bit outside your price range, we suggest Peloton de Muerte mezcal as a decent stand-in.


Check me out she said, I’m in a concrete jungle, I am an individual and you are stuck in a haze. -Rancid.

 Casey, the punk-rocker who rides the bus in this classic Rancid tune, lives life according to her own outlook, not caring much for the existence or worldview of people around her. This spicy cocktail draws inspiration from her ‘I do what I want’ attitude, combining an intense but flavorful hit of habanero pepper with Aztec spiced chocolate bitters, smoky Mezcal, and a citrusy hit of malty orange. While the flavor combination is somewhat unforgiving in this cocktail, the result is something unique and spunky, with the promise to impress if approached with the right attitude. Made Old Fashioned style, this cocktail relies on patience and technique to bring these flavors together and showcase their full potential.  Be ready for what this cocktail brings to the table, as the spice is definitely real, but if individuality is your thing, then this drink might just be for you. 


Feel the silky touch of my caresses, they will keep you looking so brand new. -Madonna

  Your taste buds might have to slip into something more comfortable when you start mixing this refreshing, elegant cocktail, one which seduces you with its velvety texture and impeccable balance. While classy on the surface, the real underlying prowess of this cocktail resides in its ability to draw you in and please you, just as Madonna does to the love interest in this controversial song from 1984’s Like a Virgin. A variety of elements invigorate your palette; spicy ginger, tropical pineapple, tangy hibiscus, all brought together with a sultry hit of mezcal smoke in the background, creating a drink which tastes as smooth as it looks. Add a beautiful candied hibiscus flower on top as garnish and things might start to get hot and heavy. Clear the bartop!


And I was born in the backseat of a Greyhound bus, Rollin’ down Highway 41. – The Allman Brothers Band.

 This cocktail does not have a home or a place of origin, it is the result of the patchwork of many different experiences, influences, and encounters made over the years. However, its multifaceted nature makes it all the more interesting, as its complexity is the source of its intrigue and allure, which is the case with any true ramblin’ man. With elements from all over the world, dates, pomegranate, floral Mt. Fuji bitters, lime, and mezcal, all finished with a curious (and exclusive) salt n’ pepper almond rim, this drink embodies the spirit of learning and enrichment through travel and experience. The Ramblin’ Man will introduce you to roads less traveled, at least in the realm of cocktails; in the real world, you have to get out there and do it yourself.

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