Margaritaville Cocktail Kit (Sept 2021)

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Arette Tequila is one of Mexico’s oldest tequila distilleries and has been producing quality tequila since the early 1900’s. Named after an Olympic gold medal caliber horse, Arete, this distillery is operated by the Orendain Brothers, who are part of a long line of tequila distiller royalty in the town of, get this, Tequila, Mexico. Using only the finest blue agave plants and waters which flow from the mountain known as ‘the Tequila Volcano’, this tequila is clean, refreshing and expertly balanced, featuring notes of lemongrass, fresh herbs, pepper, vanilla, citrus peel and agave blossom. This clean, clear and delightful tequila is the perfect addition to this month’s box Margaritaville and may just be your new favourite tequila you’ve never heard of.


 Duende Verde

In the dark recesses of a faraway jungle, there lies a tree-filled grove bathed in a luminous blue-green light. Within this grove is a small cavern, covered by luscious green ferns with purple flowers. Within this cavern dwells the Duende Verde, a magical creature who sits in his home and whiles away his time enjoying cocktails. For him, the elixir of choice is the margarita; but not just any margarita, one that is representative of his magical grove. This margarita features a complex profile which includes spicy, sweet, aromatic and sour supplied by a peculiar range of ingredients. With muddled jalapeno, a brilliantly green tomatillo Green Goblin syrup, a beautiful aromatic background provided by Scrappy’s Celery Bitters and a cumin salt rim, and of course, lime and tequila, this timid monster is more than happy to spend his time in his dark hollow, sipping away to his heart’s content.


Margaritas are the ultimate refreshment cocktail, but what is the ultimate refreshment fruit? Watermelon, of course! Its hydrating, cooling and oh so tasty. That’s why we had to bring these two favourites together into one delicious cocktail that will definitely keep your palette in a summer vibe. There’s a ton of watermelon packed in here (obviously), with Blue Monkey 100% Watermelon juice and Prosyro Watermelon syrup leading the charge, paired with the margarita classics, lime and tequila. A good, flavoured margarita however, needs depth and balance, which is why we added a delicious 24k smoked sea salt rim to add a complimentary touch to this fruity margarita that brings in a ton of body. A fun drink also needs a fun garnish, so the black tapioca balls give this margarita a beautiful clash of colour as well as replicates a watermelon’s distinctive seeds. This margarita is truly watermelon at its finest.

Primer Hola

Say Hola to this deliciously complex margarita that, for many, will bring a lot of firsts in one’s life. Looking for that perfect first cocktail of the night? Primer Hola! Trying to impress someone on your first date? Primer Hola! Maybe you need to kick off the cobwebs of last night in the light of a new day? Primer Hola! Or maybe it’s simply a first for using some of these of incredible ingredients. With a stellar lineup of unique elements like white pepper, Modern Cuisine Mint syrup, Mint Salt and mint infused mezcal, you’ll be saying ‘HOLA!’ after your first sip. And with classic stand-bys like lime, cucumber and tequila, you’ll get that refreshing margarita taste that will definitely not be a first for the dedicated margarita drinkers out there. While this maybe be your ‘first hello’ to a margarita like this, we can guarantee it won’t be your last.


Margaritaville inspiration?

If you are a cocktail lover, and we assume you are, then you must be familiar with the margarita. This iconic cocktail is a ubiquitous feature in pretty much any bar you sit down in, whether it be a dive bar on the outskirts of a city, or a hip underground bar in the in the heart of downtown. Any bartender worth their salt knows how to whip up one of these deliciously refreshing cocktails, and while the recipe can change slightly from bartender to bartender, most of the time, you know what you’re going to get; tequila, lime and salt (and of course triple sec and perhaps syrup, but these ingredients are a little less set-in stone).

With such an important place atop of the cocktail pecking order, we thought it was only right to pay our respects to the margarita with this month’s box, Margaritaville. The beautiful thing about the margarita is its simplicity, as it not only makes for a brilliantly balanced cocktail, but it also allows a bartender to have the creative freedom to experiment with a vast number of other flavours and produce limitless combinations of new and exciting margaritas. This makes it an ideal drink for a Crafty Cocktails box, as we love to use unusual and stimulating ingredients.

Before the exploration of new margarita varieties can begin however, it is important to know a little bit about its history. Like most classic cocktails, there are competing stories about how a particular libation came into existence, but there always seems to be one story that carries the most credibility. For the margarita, that story comes out of the Mexican border town of Tijuana in 1938. While watching patrons at Rancho la Gloria do tequila shots with the traditional accoutrement of salt and lime, bartender Carlos ‘Danny’ Herrera decided to put the liquid ingredients together in a cocktail shaker, rimmed a glass with salt, and served this new creation to a patron who was allergic to all other spirts besides tequila. Needless to say, the cocktail was a hit, and within a decade, the cocktail was a mainstay in many bars around Mexico and the Southern United States. From there, it wasn’t much longer until the margarita could be found on menus around the world.

Another tale involves a more etymological version of history, whereby the margarita, which is Spanish for ‘daisy’, was basically a tequila-based spin on the classic brandy cocktail called the Daisy. Besides this more practical fable, there are several other stories, all of which have some credibility, so the best thing to do is research for yourself and see what theory tickles your fancy the most.

Regardless of which story is true, the one fact that cannot be denied is the margarita’s popularity the world over. You would be hard pressed to find a bar or bartender that could not recreate this wonderfully simple cocktail, and what’s more, there are always new versions of this cocktail being created, using an incredible array of fruits, syrups, infused salt, and other amazing ingredients to bring adventurous versions of the margarita to cocktail enthusiasts everywhere. This is precisely why we put together this month’s Crafty Cocktails box, Margaritaville, as a showcase of this beautiful cocktail’s ability to take on all sorts of different flavours.

In this box, we’ve assembled a wonderful lineup of ingredients to really elevate your at-home margarita game, with fun, unique and hard to find elements like Prosyro Watermelon syrup, 24k Smoked Sea Salt, Green Goblin Tomatillo Syrup, Mint-Infused Mezcal spray, Black Tapioca Balls, Cumin Salt, White Pepper, Modern Cuisine Mint Syrup, Blue Monkey 100% Watermelon Juice, Scrappy’s Celery Bitters, along with some margarita classics like jalapeno, cucumber, and of course, lime. Our bar team has created 3 fun, inspired and down-right delicious margarita recipes for you to create, along with a classic margarita recipe to get your traditional margarita fix going forward, so get to mixing and explore the wonderful world of the margarita and all it has to offer. Salud!!



Missed this box? Click here to order a one-time delivery from our shop!

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