March 2020 - Sip Me I'm Irish

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There is only one way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, and that is with some sort of spirit in your hand. While there are the go-to classics; a dark, creamy stout or a shot of delicious Irish whiskey, there’s something to be said about making cocktails that are inspired by the passion, culture, and creativity of the land from which this magical, party-heavy holiday comes. This month’s Crafty Cocktails box, Sip Me I’m Irish, draws on a plethora of inspiration; classic cocktail culture, archetypical beer variates or just pure emotion. Celebrate the heritage of the Emerald Isle with a delicious selection of cocktails which not only commemorates the feelings and flavors of St. Patrick’s Day, but shows that it can be enjoyed through the appreciation of flavor and imagination, not just by doing shots and drinking pints of green beer.

Keep it classy and classic with the Old Thyme Irish Sour, a play on the timeless sour, combining lemon and Irish whiskey with honey, thyme and egg white to create a drink which is simple but sophisticated and will have you coming back for more. In an homage to the traditional beer of Ireland, That Irish Stout plays with nitro brewed coffee and hops bitters to recreate the well-known Irish beer, which is enjoyed the world over, and for good reason…it's damn delicious. The Sexy Results takes your palette on a journey of self-discovery, with a surplus of flavors; from sweet and sour, to refreshing and botanical, with intense flavors of peach and cardamom leading the way.

Create a different kind of St. Patrick’s Day for yourself; don’t go out to the same old party at a bar and drink flat, miscolored beer. Take advantage of the flavors of a good Irish whiskey and make some amazing cocktails that not only remind you of the wondrousness of Irish culture but allow you to have an amazing time making cocktails in the comfort of your own home. Avoid the bars and make some Irish inspired cocktails with friends at home on the busiest drinking day of the year with the Sip Me I’m Irish box from Crafty Cocktails.



Cocktails are about equilibrium, so it makes sense that sours, an incredibly balanced drink, are among some of the earliest documented cocktails, appearing in mixology books as early as 1862. Spirits are combined with sour, sweet and bitter elements to create a cocktail that steadily progresses one’s palette through a full gambit of flavors, creating a perfect base to which additional components can be added. The bartenders at Crafty’s have paid homage to this classic drink with their adaptation of an Irish Sour, a classic cocktail that features Irish Whiskey and frothy egg white. Putting our own stamp on it, this rendering includes honey and thyme, a combination that provides a layer of malty sweetness and a fragrant hit of botanical, with a unique bitter profile of hops and hemp. Simple and straightforward, yet multi-layered and complex, this sour stays true to the balanced nature of this diverse family of cocktails.


When exploring the numerous bars in the heart of Dublin, one can walk into almost any establishment and order a very specific and well-known pint of stout which is unparalleled in its smoothness, flavor and overall amazingness. It is often debated that the only true way to properly enjoy a pint of the nectar into which angels sound their celestial trombones, is straight from a draught tap in the Irish capital. For us geographically challenged folk in the true north, traveling that immense distance for a pint of Guinness isn't exactly practical and so we figured why not make a cocktail that emulates the divine flavor of this bold Irish brew. After all, that’s what we at Crafty’s do best. Utilizing a variety of familiar flavors, such as coffee, honey, and hops, and adding a foam head of egg white, the beer that all others strive to be is recreated in cocktail form. This cocktail is our way of honoring the perfection that is this classic Irish stout and hopefully, our adoration of this beer comes through in this cocktail, which is inventive, adventurous and, above all, a labor of love.


Love and desire are funny things. They can hit you hard off the bat, they can be sweet, they can be sour, and they become more and more complex with time. Because it is so delightful, you always end up coming back for more. In many ways, the 'Sexy Results' takes you through the progressions of passion, love, and desire. At first, a tangy blast of peach shrub invigorates your palette, and your taste buds explode with flavor. After a second or two, however, things level out, and you start to taste the subtle nuances of the other ingredients; the tartness of the shrub shifts into sweetness, the fruity flavor of peach and delicate notes of cardamom become more pronounced. After one sip of this deliciously unique cocktail, we are confident you will be left wanting more. Cocktails don’t just deliver flavor, they tell a story, so let this drink take you through its tale on the evolution of love and desire.

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