Korean Soju Cocktail Box (June 2021)

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Korean Soju


This box was designed using Chum Churum Soju, one of Korea’s most popular sojus and a brand which is available in most major liquor stores in Canada. The secret to this soju’s delicious, yet light flavour is the water used in distillation, a pure alkaline water which gives Chum Churum a bright taste and smooth finish. Chum Churum translates to ‘like the first time’ referring to its fresh, dewy profile, as every sip is like the start of a new day. Featuring a subtle but distinct palette of green melon, pear, ginger, and a touch of sweetness with dry floral finish, this is an ideal soju to compliment the wide range of ingredients found in this month’s Crafty Cocktails box


Why Korean Soju?

Soju lies at the heart of Korean drinking culture. This distilled spirit has been produced on the Korean peninsula since the 13th century and is enjoyed in every corner of the country. Soju is a simple product, a distilled alcohol that can be made from a number of different base ingredients, but often is made from rice, wheat or sweet potato. Because it is distilled, and not fermented like sake, soju features a much cleaner profile, with notes of sweet fruits and a fresh finish, but also has a distinct spirit forward taste which makes it presence known, especially considering the low ABV of most modern Soju.

            This makes it a very intriguing base spirit for this month’s Crafty Cocktails box Heart & Seoul, as Soju allows for a ton of creative freedom, given its smooth, dewy flavour that is light and subtle, allowing the ingredients to shine through.
            In this box you’ll find a ton of distinctively Korean components that may be completely new to you. Products like maesil, a Korean green plum extract, Milkis, a popular Korean yogurt soda, or Gochuganu, a chili flake which found all throughout Korean cuisine, most notably in the Korean staple, kimchi. We paired these ingredients with earthy, savory elements, like Ms. Better’s Cypress bitters, dehydrated savoy cabbage, or Nelson Olive Oil Co. lemongrass/mint white balsamic and more sweet, tropical elements, like Blue Monkey Sparkling Papaya, fresh kalamansi or Prosyro Passionfruit syrup, to create the three unique cocktails in this month’s box. These cocktails will not only introduce you to the wonderful world of soju, but many other amazing products that come out of Korea. So if exploring flavours and making tasty, unique drinks is your thing, then this month’s box Heart & Seoul, is just what you’ve been looking for.



   Kimchi is a staple of Korean cuisine; very few meals are served without a side of this delicious condiment that adds wonderfully complex flavour to any dish. It’s unique taste is not generally something that you would anticipate in a cocktail, but at Crafty’s, we thrive on inspiration that comes from an unexpected place, and this strange, delicious cocktail is the result of our kimchi obsession. Subtlety introducing classic kimchi flavour was key; a touch of tart acid from the Nelson Olive Oil Co. lemongrass/mint white balsamic and a spicy kick from Gochuganu chili and a sugared bird chili are balanced against earthy, savoury tones of dehydrated Napa cabbage and green onion, while a refreshing, thirst-quenching finish comes from soju and fresh lime juice. While our inspiration may come from a strange place, we know how to translate it into delicious drinks; this drink fully embodies that spirt.

Tropical AF


Finally, it’s f@%king summertime, so Crafty Cocktails just had to celebrate with a simple, yet delicious cocktail that has all your favourite tropical flavours, flavours which pair extremely well with the subtly sweet, refreshing profile of Soju. This drink is a crowd pleaser, with a ton of tropical ingredients, all of which work in harmony, complimenting, but never overpowering each other. Muddled mango and kalamansi provide an invigorating foundation and Prosyro Passionfruit syrup adds a tart, fruity flavour that puts you directly beneath a palm tree. Blue Monkey Sparkling Papaya adds some tropical fizz, and its all topped off with a fun mixed bag of dehydrated tropical fruit garnish. There’s nothing too fancy here, just a tasty drink that will make you say, ‘Holy F@%K, that’s tropical!’


In Korea, it is quite common for one to cool down with a soju that has been mixed with yogurt, soda, and some kind of fruit or flavouring. This incredibly popular concoction, regardless of our perceptions of it in North America, is clean, light and oh so refreshing, which is why we had to include our version of this Korean classic for you to try for yourself. This cocktail utilizes unique Korean ingredients like Milkis yogurt soda, maesil green plum extract, and soju to recreate this unique flavour profile. While flavours like apple, peach and melon are commonly added, we focused on more mountainous ingredients, like Ms. Better’s Cypress Bowl bitters and Cypress floral water to bring a fresh, coniferous balance to the sweeter ingredients. A slightly tangy, creamy, refreshing and beautifully balanced drink, the Yogusan will introduce you to a cocktail that is commonplace in Korea. And really, 50 million Koreans can’t be wrong.

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