May 2019 - Rye me to the Moon

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With the launch our very first Crafty Cocktails box, we are over the moon, and we want to get you there too. What better way to blast you off than with the ‘Rye me to the Moon’ curated cocktail box?

Rye is a favorable base spirit in cocktails; the smooth, sweet, zesty spice typical of this spirit tends to add a more subtle touch when added to syrups and citrus juices, compared the distinct smokiness of scotch or bourbon. To highlight this ingredient’s versatility, we’ve created 3 distinct and unique recipes, using a variety of ingredients, including Charred Cedar bitters, bee pollen, ginger, and Blueberry/Lemon shrub.

Send your taste buds into orbit with our Crafty’s ‘Rye me to the Moon’ box, but get your parachutes ready, you’ll soon be coming back down to earth to try another!

Alex Flemming

When it comes to spice, this cocktail delivers! Following in the footsteps of the classic Penicillin, this zesty cocktail combines the rich, sweet flavors of Canadian rye whiskey with the familiar pairing of ginger and lemon. These flavors are subtly amplified with the addition of smoky elements, including a warming hint of habanero, charred cedar and pineapple. A cocktail that can be enjoyed sitting around a campfire on a brisk night, or under an umbrella at the beach, the Alex Flemming is perfect for every situation. You now have no excuse not to have a drink in your hand!    

Sittin’ Sideways

 Sometimes misunderstood, shrubs bring an agreeable tang to many cocktails. Combining vinegar and syrup may seem counter-intuitive, but the fusion of sweet and sour can bring a refreshing element to many flavor profiles. The tart sweetness of berries and the zesty citrus of grapefruit keep the sour bite of the vinegar in check, producing a varied palette with many layers. Whether you’re new to shrubs, or have loved them forever, this cocktail puts the full potential of this underappreciated component on display.

Taiga Sidecar

There are many things that make Canada a desirable place to live. We have a vast, breath-taking wilderness, full of so many wonderful colors, smells and flavors. We have vibrant cities where ingredients from all over the world are incorporated in to countless numbers of new concoctions. And we have fantastic whiskey, plain and simple. The Taiga sidecar celebrates these aspects of Canadian life, pairing Canadian rye whiskey with the natural flavors of maple and bee pollen, foreign spices like nutmeg and anise, and the sweet/sour combination of lemon and orange blossom. The flavor profile is complex, but like the country to which is pays homage, complexity and variety are what make it so enjoyable.

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