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Mojitos are synonymous with summer drinking and it is quite easy to see why. The flavor combo of mint and lime with a touch of sweetness and, of course, rum, is so pleasing and refreshing, it has become one of the most popular cocktails in the world. From humble beginnings in the bars of Havana, Cuba, it now appears on cocktail menus in many countries, and with good reason; they’re just a damn good cocktail and incredibly simple to make.

This simplicity also makes the mojito an excellent candidate for experimentation, as the base flavors of mint and lime lend themselves so easily to other ingredients. On top of flavor variations, vibrant colors can come forward with the use of certain ingredients, creating drinks which are almost as pleasant to look at as they are to sip. Almost.

This is why Crafty Cocktails had to create this month’s box, MOJTIOS, MO FUN! featuring three unique recipes with color palettes as interesting as their flavors. Although we were excited about this particular box, we had to wait and put it out in July, as this sweltering month is when cocktail drinkers need a refreshing libation the most.

            Cool yourself down with the green Jasumin Cha Mojito which combines the cooling effects of a mojito with those of a chilled jasmine green tea. Floral notes are enhanced by orange blossom producing a cocktail which is extremely refreshing and will keep you outside long into those hot summer nights.

            The orange Tropical Smoke Signal Mojito will save you from the sun’s sizzling rays, employing the delightful combination of sweet, tangy mango with the subtle smoke of paprika, flavors which pair extremely well with the already tropical vibe of the original mojito.

            The purple Coco Beet Mojeet-O takes the mojito on an unexpected journey, incorporating beetroot powder, coconut extract, and coconut sugar rim to the mix. While seemingly at odds, these flavors compliment each other extremely well, combining tropical and earthy in a wonderfully balanced summer drink that will have you rethinking your definition of ‘proper’ flavor combinations.

            Of course, we can’t forget the one that started it all, and this month will include a bonus recipe for a classic mojito, so you can enjoy the original cocktail in all its glory. So beat the heat this July with our MOJITOS, MO FUN! box and enjoy a full gambit of flavors and colors all centered around one of the most beloved summer drinks out there.



This month’s Crafty Cocktails box was created using Flor de Cana 4 year Extra Seco Rum, a wonderfully complex white rum from one of the preeminent rum producers in Central America. Flor de Cana Extra Seco is the only white rum in the world aged for 4 years, giving it superior smoothness and finish when compared to other white rums which are often aged very little, if at all. With a dry body featuring notes of white chocolate, orange, and vanilla, this rum is tropical but very subtle in its delivery, making it perfect for mixing with mojitos or other summer cocktails.



Flavor combinations can surprise you, as seemingly polar opposites can actually complement each other in unexpected ways. This is the concept behind our out-there version of a mojito. While sitting in a brewpub drinking beer, our bartender asked if he could try a sample pour that included a beetroot sour and a toasted coconut IPA. While beet and coconut are rarely seen together, this particular flavor combination intrigued him, and the need to make a cocktail featuring these ingredients had to be satisfied. This drink has a light touch of each, supplied by unique and contemporary cocktail ingredients such as beetroot powder, coconut extract, and a toasted coconut sugar rim. Tropical nuttiness plays against earthy-sweet, with classic mojito flavors of lime and mint lingering in the background; elevating but not overpowering. An incredible purple color only adds to the appeal, creating a unique mojito that will make you re-examine how strange flavors can work very well together.


In the subtropical climates of the East, there are many concoctions that can help one to cool down in the sweltering heat. One favorite is chilled green tea, particularly recipes with floral backgrounds, such as jasmine. As mojitos are ubiquitous with keeping cool in the tropical heat of the Caribbean, we at Crafty’s thought that bringing the two together might just create an impeccable summer cocktail. The delightfully refreshing flavor of chilled green tea infused with jasmine is bolstered by even more floral aroma from orange blossom, mixing perfectly with the cooling effects of mint and lime. With the help of a little sugar and some rum, you have the perfect drink to shield you from the blistering conditions of mid-summer. Almost as green as the palm leaves providing shade on a white sandy beach, this drink will keep you cool and energized in even the most grueling conditions… or your backyard, whichever seems more likely.



When stuck on a deserted island, with no hope and no way out, one of the best things you can do is build a fire in the hopes that a passing ship will see your plea of S.O.S! We hope you’re not stuck on an island right now, but if you were, this cocktail might help make it a bit more enjoyable. After all, what gets you into a beach vibe more than a mojito?  An incredible mango/smoked paprika syrup serves as the base, emanating the wonderful pairing of tropical fruits and smoke. Add the fresh mojito elements of mint and lime and you’ve got yourself a cocktail that will definitely save your soul. An orange color as deep as a life-saving fire and smoky enough to catch the eye of any passing sailor, this mojito may just come to your rescue, or keep you on the island longer, if you’re really enjoying it.


Missed this box? Click here to order a one-time delivery from our shop!

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