Gin for the Win Cocktail Box (July 2019)

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The attractiveness of gin cocktails resides in this spirit’s ability to add an incredibly diverse layering of aromatic and botanical flavors to any drink.

Although juniper berry plays a dominant role in most gin, the variety of secondary of flavors that can be present inspire  bartenders in many directions, and summer is a great season to take advantage of its typically bright and fresh profile.

Crafty cocktail’s July box, (Gin For The Win), celebrates the warm weather with 3 tasty new recipes using amazing summertime ingredients such as sour cherry cordial, fresh figs and an inspired pairing of cucumber and black pepper.

While summer can be found in the great outdoors, it can be just as present in your cocktail glass; take a deep breath and see where the flavors take you. 

Lovely Rita - Cocktail

Lovely Rita

Gin, citrus and fresh cucumber is an incredibly popular flavor combination on cocktail menus everywhere, as the freshness of these ingredients makes for delightful, easy drinking, summertime libations. Inspired by these flavors, and classic English cocktails such as the Pimm’s Cup and Gin Fizz, the Lovely Rita takes this crisp and bright profile to another level, incorporating the earthy spice of peppercorn to bring contrast and balance, while the addition of egg white keeps everything light and airy. The fresh flavors of the dewy English countryside are in full bloom here, so say hello to warm weather by savoring this invigorating cocktail outside in the sunshine.

Pink Lemonade Cocktail

Pink Lemonade

While we all love reminiscing about our favorite childhood treats, there’s one ingredient that was never allowed… but now you’re all grown up, so why not add a little alcohol! Bring childhood and adulthood together with this fresh and fun rendition of a Pink Lemonade. Faint floral notes of rose water play between tart lemon and sour cherry, setting a wonderful stage to highlight the botanical nature of gin. Start selling this cocktail at your neighborhood cardboard lemonade stand and you might be lined up around the block. Make sure you check ID’s!   

Spanish Gin Tonic

Spanish Gin Tonic

While most are familiar with the classic Gin and Tonic, things can get a little crazy when we drop ‘and’. Gin Tonics elevate a well-known, but simple drink to greater heights, incorporating fresh aromatics to enhance or contrast particular flavors, or to bring out elements that one finds enjoyable. A Gin Tonic can therefore include an endless number of ingredients, but a combination evoking the Mediterranean coast of Spain is the focus of this recipe. Rosemary, lemon, fig and peppercorn all come together in this wonderfully complex drink, which is pleasing to all the senses; it looks and smells as good as it tastes. Savor the flavors of the Spanish coast wherever you may be and re-shape your idea of a Gin and Tonic, simply by dropping a 3 letter word.

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