Juggling Vodkas Cocktail Kit (August 2021)

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This month’s box was created using Absolut Raspberri, Apeach and Mandarin Vodkas, all of which will perfectly compliment the cocktails found within this month’s box, Juggling Vodkas. You can use one, tow or all three, its completely up to you. Absolut vodka was selected for a very specific reason, as they provide a selection of flavoured vodkas which rely on essential oils and extracts to flavour their vodkas, rather than syrups or artificial additives, which results in an unnatural flavour throughout the vodka, and in turn, the cocktails. You can often determine which vodkas are naturally flavoured, simply by looking at the alcohol by volume content. If it falls below the 40% abv of standard vodka, there’s a good chance artificial additives have been used to give a particular flavour profile. However, Absolut, a fantastic Swedish vodka, is made using expertly selected grains and an ancient water source. And the addition of natural extracts means the fantastic flavour of the vodka remains intact, while still providing mouth-watering notes of Raspberri, Apeach or Mandarin. 

Juggling Vodkas?

Step right up, step right up and be amazed by the marvel that is this month’s Crafty Cocktails box, Juggling Vodkas. This box is special, because it’s the first box we’ve ever put together where you can choose your own flavour profile by selecting from one, two or three delicious flavours of Absolut Vodka; Mandarin, Raspberri and/or Apeach. There are no wrong choices here, and each option will result in a completely new, fantastic, flavourful cocktail, making for seemingly endless possibilities.

              Like a juggler, the key to this box is balance and equilibrium. Every drink contains an expertly curated selection of ingredients which are flavourful and complex enough to make any cocktail lover happy, while being neutral enough to change substantially, depending on what flavour of vodka you choose.

              The box is also influenced by the outrageous, over the top entertainment of a carnival, where jugglers mingle with the clowns, thrill-seekers, ring masters and other colourful personalities who scamper among the rides, the colourful lights and the delectable food and drink you find there. As much as Juggling Vodkas is about great craft cocktails, its also about all the summertime fun we recall from our childhood and look forward to as adults.

              So many colourful, fantastical ingredients are included, and all will transport you to the midway with just one sip. Blue and/or Red Dad’s Cream Soda, condensed milk, Kinsip Vanilla Rye bitters, and Crafty Cocktails Thyme Infused Pear Nectar bring a kaleidoscope of colours and sweet flavours. But not everything in the carnival is sweet and vibrant, and elements like black tea tincture, fresh lime, Porter’s Earl Grey Syrup, and vanilla salted limes provide as much balance as a tightrope walker. The Carnival is full of weird and wonderful things too, and eccentric ingredients like Labrador tea leaves and bergamot water all add to the peculiar nature of this box.

              So enjoy the colourful fizziness of the Carnival Cream Soda, shift your perception with the complex flavours of the Hall of Mirrors, and get that final, refreshing cocktail of the night with the Last Ride Tea, all of which can be completely changed based on which flavour of vodka you choose. Or try it with all three, whatever feels best to you.

              The carnival is in town and the jugglers are out with a spectacle that is sure to make any cocktail lover thirst to see what trick comes next. Get into the spirit of a summer filled with games, fun times and amazing cocktails with this month’s Crafty Cocktails Box, Juggling Vodka, and find out which flavour is your Absolut favourite. See what we did there? We’re just a bunch of clowns over here!.  

 Carnival Cream Soda

There are so many wonderous highlights of a good carnival, but one of the best things might be the food. The colours, the flavours, the sweet, the sour, the salty… there are endless reasons why this food is what we crave when a carnival comes to town. The only problem? No booze! At Crafty cocktails, we can fix that, because it’s in our nature to put spirits into everything. Taking influence from the carnival’s smorgasbord, we created a drink that is as colourful as cotton candy and packed full of flavours you know and love. Condensed milk and Kinsip Vanilla Rye Bitters provide the sweet, Dad’s Cream Soda (either pink or blue, it’s a surprise!) gives a burst of colour and a delightful fizz, while a healthy dose of lime adds a balancing sour flavour. All this is topped off with a delicious salted vanilla lime for a hint of salty goodness. The wonderful flavours and colours of the midway are right here in your cocktail.

Last Ride Tea

For some, when the sun sets, it means heading home for a restful sleep. For others, mainly us bartenders, it’s when the party is just getting started. This cocktail is defiantly made for the latter. Inspired by the (in)famous post-shift drink of choice for our mixologist, this cocktail is chalked full of everything you’ll need for to turn it up while everyone else is turning in. All the elements of iced tea are here, besides the actual tea itself; Black Tea Tincture, Earl Grey Syrup, Labrador Tea Leaves and Bergamot water, so you’ll get a light, refreshing tea flavour in your cocktail with no extra preparation or work. Add in a splash of fresh lemon juice for a classic lemon/tea pairing, and whatever Absolute vodka flavour floats your boat; (peach was the the original go-to after a long shift), you’ll create a strong, but completely crushable summer drink that will start any night out right. These are bartender strong and very dangerous, so be careful!

Hall of Mirrors

While walking through a hall of mirrors at a fair, you see many different and altered reflections of yourself. You stare, and while you know it’s you, it can be hard to recognize the very short, very tall, stretched, squished, squashed or shrunk person standing in front of you. This delectable cocktail is like a hall of mirrors for your palette. The flavours in this drink are well-proportioned; black pepper, Crafty Cocktails Thyme Infused Pear Syrup, Scrappy’s Black Lemon bitters, Yoga Pear nectar and fresh lemon juice. However, when tasted through the lens of either of the three different vodka flavours suggested for this box, they transform, presenting a new perspective on how these elements all fit together. They are the same, but they are also quite different. Don’t be afraid, it’s just a trick of the tongue, and no matter what, at the end of the day, you’re always left with a delicious cocktail.

Missed this box? Click here to order a one-time delivery from our shop!

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