Skál fyrir Akvavit Gin Cocktail Box (Jan 2021)

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AKVAVIT SCANDINAVIAN GIN Cocktail Box (Jan 2021) - Crafty Cocktails



Linie is one of the more unique spirits ever featured in a Crafty Cocktails box. The Linie recipe, with its delicate and perfectly balanced profile of dill, caraway, and a special blend of Nordic herbs, has not been changed in over 200 years. Starting with a clean, premium-distilled potato-based spirit (vodka) as its base, and flavoured with Linie’s signature botanical blend, the truly unique stage of Linie’s production begins during its aging process. For 14-16 months, it is stored in Spanish Oloroso Sherry casks and shipped on boats twice around the equator. The result is a spirit that is extremely smooth, with bold, but not overpowering flavours of caraway, dill, anise, vanilla, orange peel and oak. A truly unique spirit for a truly unique box, this Akvavit is not to be missed.


While it remains relatively obscure in North American cocktail culture, the potential for the use of Akvavit in cocktails should not be underestimated. While similar to gin in distillation and flavouring process, this quintessential Scandinavian spirit exhibits a profile which is quite different from the recognizable flavour of juniper berry in standard Gins, as caraway and dill are the main flavouring agents here. Though this combination is as pungent as it is unique, a good Akvavit is as balanced and as smooth as any Gin out there, and if treated with care and approached with a keen palette, it can result in some truly amazing cocktails. This is what you will find in this month’s box, 'Skál fyrir Akvavit', featuring three unique cocktails which will get you much better acquainted with this little-known spirit.

            The Asgardian Brew is a hot, steamy tea packed with a ton of flavours. Akvavit, mandarin, licorice root, cardamon and a whole plethora of other ingredients are present here, and this drink features a fun and easy prep recipe which makes it effortless for you to reheat and serve this cocktail whenever you’re feeling cold.

            The Skrytio, like Akvavit itself, appears strange on the surface, but in actuality, it is extremely balanced and delicious. Featuring a variety of seemingly weird ingredients; sea buckthorn, carrot juice, muddled dehydrated orange, Regan’s No. 6 Orange Bitters and Icelandic moss, this vibrantly orange cocktail is beautiful, extremely well balanced and will surprise you in all the right ways.

            The Crafty’s Winter A&T puts a Scandinavian winter twist on an English summer classic. The fragrant notes of caraway and dill are extremely present here, complimented by a warming background of clove, allspice, chinchona bark and star anise from Jimmy Tony’s Warm Winter Spice Tonic, while the fresh aromatics of orange zest and cinnamon bubble off the effervescent soda. Winter never tasted so refreshing.

            So indulge your tastebuds and explore the complex flavour profile of Akvavit with January’s Crafty Cocktails box, 'Skál fyrir Akvavit' Featuring a ton of unique, rare and mysterious ingredients, this box will keep you intrigued, entertained, and thirsting only to know more about Akvavit.

Asgardian Brew

Asgardian Brew Cocktail

Behold! A concoction of bold and delicious sapidity favoured by those of strong will and great mental fortitude. Aye, the flavour tis’ strong, the recipe complex, but this steaming hot elixir of the gods will soothe all that ails your spirit. The trade winds were truly fortuitous when the potion master first concocted this divine libation, so assemble your finest alchemy set and prepare a bubbling cauldron encompassing a bounty of ingredients such as licorice root, red rooibos tea, orange zest, clove, cinnamon, mandarin orange, caraway, dill, and cardamom infused sugar. And lo, when the North wind blows, reheat this draught over your hearth, and imbibe its intoxicating flavours at your leisure, for this cocktail can be preserved in Nilfhiem (the fridge) till your next banquet.

Th Skrytio

Th Skrytio Cocktail


It's ok to be weird. Being weird can result in beautiful things and this drink is no exception. Look at it’s ingredients; Akvavit (huh?), sea buckthorn (what?), carrot juice (why?), dehydrated orange and orange bitters (ok…), and a little Icelandic moss to top it all off (…you lost me again). While everything seems strange here, especially in terms of cocktails, the secret to being a successful weirdo is making sure all your weirdness is in perfect harmony. The aromatic flavour from the dill and caraway of the Akvavit compliment the earthy sweetness of the carrot juice, while the strange malty flavour of the sea buckthorn and the bitterness of Regan’s No. 6 orange bitters and dehydrated orange provide balance and depth. And the Icelandic moss? Well, it may be said that it’s just weirdness for weirdness’ sake, but doesn’t it look gorgeous floating on top of that pretty orange drink in front of you? You see? Weird is beautiful!


While the classic Gin and Tonic (G&T) is a favorite in the heat of mid-summer, its prevalence often wanes in the winter months, and for good reason. It is cooling, refreshing, and easy-drinking, which is hard to compete with in the heat. When the winter comes however, this classic needs to be twisted into something that is just as delicious, but perhaps better suited to the flavour profiles synonymous with this season. Akvavit plays a pivotal role here, as the heavy presence of dill and caraway adds a much deeper profile than that of a standard gin. These flavours mingle extremely well with the complex flavours of Jimmy Tony’s Warm Winter Spice Tonic, including star anise, clove, chinchona bark and allspice. A fizzy float of soda, a fragrant orange zest, and a delightful streak of cinnamon on the outside of the glass all add to the winter-esque nature of this Akvavit and Tonic. As the seasons change, so must our cocktails.

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