Holiday Rum Cocktail Box (Dec 2019)

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Holiday Rum Cocktail Box (Dec 2019)

Rum is a complex spirit; it has many forms, many points of origin, and, most importantly, many different flavor profiles which are greatly dependent on a variety of considerations. Rum spans from white, with a clean, straightforward profile, all the way through to dark rum, an almost black, bold and distinct spirit.

In between exists almost every shade of brown, amber and gold, all of which produce unique flavors and nuances. It would be easy to assume that many rums achieve their flavor profile from infusions or the addition of flavoring agents or syrups, but any well-produced rum worth it’s salt does no such thing, relying instead on the quality of sugar cane/molasses (the raw ingredients of fermentation) and the aging process to attain the powerful flavors.

This month’s Crafty’s box RUM RUM RUDOLPH concentrates on rum with a lot of flavor, but only that which is gained from proper distillation and aging techniques, criteria which are often found in a good aged Caribbean rum. Not to be confused with ‘spiced’ rum, which often translates to ‘added sugar, artificial flavor and color to cheap rum’, a finely aged Caribbean rum will contain flavors such as vanilla, coffee, honey and tobacco on a very subtle spectrum, making for cocktails in which these flavors heighten  the rest of the ingredients, rather than completely hijacking the drink’s flavor.         

The three unique recipes in this month’s box highlight Aged Caribbean rum’s complex flavor profile, incorporating flavors that pair extremely well with this delicious spirit. Cure your winter blues with the Applea’ Day, a hot, velvety drink featuring warming flavors such as apple, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Stir up some nostalgia with the Egg Snob, a boozy rendition of egg nog, featuring creamy egg yolk, notes of citrus, and a salty touch of black sea salt. Keep your night going with the After 11:59, a playful, refreshing cocktail featuring amusing and festive flavors like chocolate/candy cane tea and pumpkin pie sugar. While all three cocktails have distinct flavor profiles, as a whole, the RUM RUM RUDOLPH box is certain to get you in the mood for the holiday season and introduce you to the wonderful, flavorful world of Aged Caribbean rum



EGG SNOB Cocktail

*Sigh*, why must there be so many mediocre cocktails, ones that fail to please my most sensitive and discerning palette? Ah, but what’s this? This libation here is quite pleasing to the eye; such a contrast of colors! And its bouquet is quite intoxicating! I simply must take a draught from this curious brew. My word, what a multitude of flavors; a delightful play of nutmeg and wintergreen against fruity notes of orange and date, with a silky texture, no doubt from the creamy yolk of an egg. To top it all off, this hint of black lava salt really heightens the magnanimous flavor profile of this remarkable pick-me-up. This, no doubt, is another glorious offering from Crafty Cocktails! I simply must go and congratulate them on their astonishing achievement, Tally-Ho!


Traditional Apple Cider Cocktail

There are a few sure-fire ways to cure the chills of the first month of cold weather. A sweater may help, but that’s never as enjoyable as wrapping your hands around a hot mug and taking warming sips from a steaming drink inside. And if that drink happens to have some booze in it? The winter season doesn’t stand a chance! Alleviate your winter blues with this warming cocktail from Crafty’s. Spicy winter flavors of nutmeg and cinnamon play off warm, tangy apple and the sweet, rich notes of an aged Caribbean Rum, all tied together by the velvety texture of coconut oil. This hot drink will melt any frost that has accumulated so far this winter. Now get mixing, Dr. Bartender’s orders!

AFTER 11:59

AFTER 11:59 Cocktail - seasonal ingredients such as Spice and Tea Chocolate Candy Cane tea and Pumpkin Pie

When the clock approaches midnight, there are always two options; start getting ready for bed or start getting ready to party. This cocktail is meant to steer you towards the latter option because everyone knows parties are always more fun after both hands of the clock point straight up. Boasting a festive, wintery profile, seasonal ingredients such as Spice and Tea Chocolate Candy Cane tea and Pumpkin Pie sugar combine with the warm, sweet flavors of Caribbean Rum and  Chocolate bitters, resulting in a cocktail which is a perfect addition to any party this Holiday season. The clock is very likely to tick past that decisive time when this cocktail makes an appearance and is sure to keep people up past their bedtime.

Missed this box? Click here to order a one-time delivery from our shop!

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