Gin Classics (April 2022)

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Boodles Gin

This month’s Crafty Cocktails box, Classics on Classics was developed using Boodles London Dry Gin. This brilliant gin has been in production since 1845 and is one of Britain’s oldest gin brands. Starting with 100% British wheat, this clean and clear spirit contains Boodles’ original botanical recipe that inspired the modern perception of what a London Dry gin should taste like. With an elegant and balanced flavour featuring notes of rosemary, juniper, sage and nutmeg, the classic flavour of this gin is a perfect compliment to the timeless cocktails found in this month’s box.

Bermuda 101

For a bartender, relying on complimenting flavours is common practice when creating cocktails. However, it is also extremely gratifying when one conceives of a drink which has its foundation in contrast. This is what you will find with the Bermuda 101, a twist on the classic Bermuda Hundred cocktail; a drink which gives equal deference to both tropical and bitter profiles. The tropical comes from a blend of delicious ingredients, such as Lychee nectar, Bitarome almond extract and the fresh citrus flavour of lime and orange juice. The bitter comes from our signature Negroni starter syrup, with Campari at its heart, along with the selection of assorted Negroni misters (Campari, Sweet Vermouth and Aperol) and bitter orange oil. These seemingly opposite profiles complement each other incredibly well, with each keeping the other grounded, and not letting one outshine the other. In this outstanding cocktail, opposites really do attract.

Cuoro Fizz

The fizz-style cocktail is among the oldest cocktails in the modern bartending lexicon, with references to this drink seen as early as 1876, when the ‘fiz’ was mentioned in Jerry Thomas’ The Bartender’s Guide with a simple list of ingredients; gin, lemon juice, egg white, simple syrup and soda water. Over the next few decades, this beverage’s popularity grew, and it now retains a position as a true classic in the bartending world. With such a simple list of ingredients, along with a light, airy and refreshing profile, its potential to take on more complex flavours is immense, and that’s just how we like it at Crafty Cocktails. Starting with the quintessential base, we’ve added some beautiful nuances with ingredients like Prosyro Rhubarb syrup, floral hibiscus tincture and a gorgeous bitter background from or signature Negroni starter syrup and a craft Tonic instead of soda water. Add a touch more depth with our selection of Negroni misters, and you’ve got an unmistakably modern cocktail with some classic flavours at its heart.

Negroni Gimlet

It is well known lore that back in the day, sailors would drink citrus juice to repel the effects of scurvy, as the vitamin C in limes and oranges cured the symptoms of this disease (which is basically a vitamin C deficiency). But what many don’t know is that this gave rise to the classic Gin cocktail, the Gimlet. As the story goes, doctors trying to administer citrus juice had to coax sailors into drinking it, so they wisely added gin and a little sugar, creating a concoction that the sailors would happily imbibe. Over time, this mixture became what we know today as the classic Gimlet cocktail. To bring some complexity to this simple cocktail, the Crafty’s bar team added a touch of dehydrated fig, some signature Negroni starter syrup, and a good misting of Negroni ingredients, resulting in a cocktail that has delicious bitter notes and a background of dry fruits. Avoid scurvy, drink this cocktail!

Why Gin Classics?

There are many cocktails in a bartender’s repertoire which can be labeled as a ‘classic’. While there are no official criteria for how a cocktail ends up in this category, some of the most important factors tend to be longevity and recognizability; have they been around for an extended period of time and can most trained bartenders identify and recreate a given cocktail? There are always exceptions to these rules and debate is sure to occur between bartenders regarding which cocktails fall under the ‘classic’ category, but all we know at Crafty’s is that we are extremely fond of them. This month’s box, Classics on Classics, is a true expression of our passion for ‘classic’ cocktails. We took three ‘classic’ gin cocktails, the Gimlet, the Fizz and the Bermuda Hundred, and infused them with elements of our all-time favourite ‘classic’, the one and only Negroni, along with some other unexpected and creative ingredients. The result is a box containing three unique cocktails, all inspired by classics, with the exceptionally balanced flavour of a Negroni at their core. In order to achieve this, we curated a unique and interesting list of ingredients, including Lychee nectar, dried Mission figs, Hibiscus tincture, Prosyro Rhubarb syrup, Q Tonic, Bitarome Almond Extract, and the star of the show, our Signature Negroni starter syrup, which has all the flavours of this classic cocktail on full display. To make things even more fun, we’ve included three mister bottles of Negroni elements; Sweet Vermouth, Campari and Aperol, for you to mix and match when creating your cocktails so you can dial in your perfect version of these reimagined classics. Familiarize yourself with the classics with this month’s Crafty Cocktails box, Classics on Classics, and discover why these cocktails have been at the forefront of bartending culture for a very long time.

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