Fashion(ed) Your Vision (Nov 2021)

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While this month’s box, Fashion(ed) Your Vision, was created with the specific profile of particular aged spirits in mind (aged rum, aged tequila and oaked gin), the cocktails were all designed using Lot 40 Canadian Rye whisky as their base spirit. This spectacular whisky uses Northern Canadian rye grain as its base; a hardy, cold weather grain that is extremely flavourful and brings a ton of underlying characteristics to this magnificent malt. Distilled in copper stills in small batches in Ontario, Lot 40 offers a delicate nose of plum, mint, cinnamon and clove, while finishing strong with a full, spicy palette of brown sugar, black pepper and clove with a subtle briny quality and a smooth aftertaste. It is the perfect spirit for all of the Old Fashioneds in this box, with the ability to stand up to bold flavours, but smooth enough to allow them to speak for themselves. Of course, the base spirits which give inspiration for each of the Old Fashioneds can be used as well. Our selections for each are both delicious and very complimentary to the specific flavour profile. For rum, try Brugal 1888 Doblemente Anejado Rum, for Tequila, we recommend Cazadores Anejo, and for gin, well, find your favourite gin producer and ask about their aged gin. We enjoyed Victoria Oaken from the West Coast, or Black Wolf from Saskatchewan but each region will have their own varietal which is sure to make a delicious Old Fashioned.


Trop Pickled Old Fashioned

Just like aged whisky, the expected base spirit for an Old Fashioned, anejo rum gets both its colour and depth of flavour from the barrels in which it sits, often for years on end. This process results in an oaky, dark finish that is a perfect complement to the sweet, saccharine profile of rum, which is distilled from sugarcane. These factors make it a perfect candidate for an Old Fashioned, especially if you have a stellar set of ingredients that enhance anejo rum’s amazingly nuanced profile. Pickled Pineapple and Starlino Maraschino cherries accentuate the rum’s warmth and tropical sweetness, while a spicy, earthy kick is provided by Ms. Better’s Black Pepper/Cardamom bitters. The invigorating aromatic of lime zest highlights the brighter notes, bringing balance to this perfect rum-inspired Old Fashioned. Whether you concoct it with either rye whisky or, of course, anejo rum, this cocktail is sure to show you the beauty of a simple Old Fashioned, taken to the next level.

Cocoa Simmon Old Fashioned

Through the wonderful process of aging, blanco tequila is, over time, transformed into anejo tequila, where it takes on complex and varied flavours that can significantly enhance the bouquet and taste of many cocktails, especially those which are more spirit forward, like the Old Fashioned. While an anejo tequila can exhibit many different flavour profiles, for our tequila-inspired Old Fashioned, we decide to focus on the deeper, darker flavours which are befitting of this well-known cocktail. With a list of ingredients that nurture the more full-bodied side of anejo tequila, like fresh Persimmon, dark cacao-infused sugar, Xocolatl Mole Bitters and fresh orange, this Old Fashioned will take you to a star-filled night in the Mexican desert, sipping cocktails by a solitary campfire. Perfect with either rye whisky or anejo tequila, the dark flavours of this traditional Mexican spirit will stand tall.

Wooded Meadow Old Fashioned

Just because the Old Fashioned has its roots in more earthy, smokier profiles, doesn’t mean you can’t create one with a penchant for the lighter side of things. This oaked gin-inspired Old Fashioned does just that, while at the same time staying true to everything the classic Old-Fashioned stands for. To keep things bright and cheery, we turned to delicious MOB honey for the sweetness, as its golden profile is much lighter than raw sugar. However, this honey comes with a twist, as it is Applewood Smoked honey, which hides a slight hint of smoke and spice, exactly what you want for an Old Fashioned. Drop in a little Fee Bro’s Whisky Barrel-aged bitters for that classic bitters touch, with hints of cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice, and top it all off with a fragrant, aromatic hit of lemon zest and you have a classic cocktail which skirts the line between flowery fresh and woody smoke. Perfect for fall, and great with either oaked gin or rye whisky, this Old Fashioned will warm you up as the weather turns brisk.


Old Fashioned?


The Old Fashioned is one of the oldest cocktails on record, so it’s a mystery why we neglected them for so long. Sure, we’ve created Old Fashioneds before, scattered throughout a few Crafty’s boxes over the years, but we felt it was about time that we devote a full box to the king of classic cocktails. Being a simple drink, consisting merely of sugar, bitters and spirit, there is so much room to manipulate this cocktail to very specific profiles. In order to do so, we selected three spirits which have all made appearances in Old Fashioneds in their own right: aged rum, aged tequila and oaked gin. Building off the profiles these spirits have to offer, we’ve created a stellar list of cocktails that can be enjoyed with the traditional base spirit of whisky (we prefer ours with rye) but can also be concocted with the base spirits that inspired them. The choice is up to you, which is why we’ve named this box Fashion(ed) Your Vision, because such a simple cocktail deserves some induvial flair. As you examine all the goodies found in this month’s box, ask yourself, ‘what spirit best suits these ingredients?’ Your intuition will never steer you wrong, so enjoy all the wonderful products found within this box and have a fantastic time mixing up these delicious libations! 

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