Emerald Isle (March 2022)

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Writer’s Tears Irish Whiskey

This month’s Crafty Cocktails box, Emerald Isle, was created using Writer’s Tears Copper Pot Irish Whiskey, a complex spirit inspired by the deep and vibrant literary culture of Ireland. It has been said that when an Irish writer cries, his tears are made of whiskey, referencing the long history of brilliant writers drawing inspiration from daily life while enjoying whiskey in the numerous public houses of Ireland. At the heart of Writer’s Tears exceptional flavour is the distillation method, which centers around traditional copper pot distillation, creating a light, well-balanced single malt whiskey which is then stored in charred American Oak barrels to give a subtle smokey profile, complemented by notes of apple, ginger, vanilla and dark chocolate. With multiple awards to its name, Writer’s Tears is without question one of the best whiskeys to come out of Ireland, and a perfect complement to the ingredients found in this month’s box.

Field O' Flowers

For many, the first indications that spring has finally sprung is the arrival of the multicolored flowers that push their way up out of the melting snow, helped by the bright, warm sunshine arching across a blue, cloudless sky. The vibrant colours prominently signify the coming of spring and fragrant smells fill the air, adding to the uplifting vibe of the season. The Field O’ Flowers celebrates all that Spring has to offer, brought forth by a great selection of floral ingredients. Butterfly Pea flower powder gives this drink an intensely deep purple colour, while 1883 Lavender syrup and our specially formulated botanical rinse (our secret recipe), replicate the flavours and fragrances of this season and complement the superb floral notes of Writer’s Tears Irish Whiskey. Enjoy the Springtime and take a stroll through a field of flowers without ever leaving your at-home bar.

Howth Express

Raindrops fall on the windows, streaking slowly backwards as the train speeds towards the sea. Dublin had its charm; the music, the food, the drink, but now my heart yearns for a simpler setting, and Howth seems to be calling me. There I can relax, look out over the endless sea, walk along the cliffs with the waves crashing below me, recline in the soft embrace of the brilliantly green grass and moss and enjoy the pure and calm beauty of the Emerald Isle. But first, a drink, and I know just the thing; a simple cocktail to appease my humble tastes, one that will celebrate the complex nuances of Irish whiskey. I crush some sugar with cardamom, fresh lime juice and Fee Brother’s Cardamom bitters, adding some spice and aromatics to a good dose of whiskey, and rinse my glass with a Chartreuse/Maraschino spritz, to bring out some fruity notes. After a good shake, my cocktail is in my glass and I’m ready to start my new life in this beautiful seaside town.

Proper Apples

When creating cocktails, often times it is good practice to listen to the base spirit you are using and let it guide you to whichever ingredients are best suited to accentuate its unique profile. This cocktail was very much inspired by the tasting notes found in its base spirit, Writer’s Tears Whiskey, and the result ‘tis a proper fine cocktail indeed. Starting with a glass smoked with cinnamon to emphasize the charred American oak barrels in which this whiskey is aged, the addition of Rootside Ginger Beer Starter and Black River Sweet Apple Cider highlight these prominent tasting notes found within the whiskey, further bolstered by dehydrated apples and a touch of citrusy lemon. A perfect marriage of base spirit and ingredients, this drink will give you a deeper appreciation of the complex relationship that is necessary to create a cohesive and delicious cocktail.

Why Irish Whiskey?

Although we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in March, a glorious day devoted to drink and music with friends in our favorite setting (the bar), this is not the only reason we chose Irish Whiskey for this month’s Crafty Cocktails box, Emerald Isle. There’s a lot to love about Irish whiskey in its own right, as it is an exceptionally versatile spirit which is light, sweet and often floral, allowing it to mix extremely well into cocktails. This profile is a perfect fit for the season we find ourselves in as well, as we start to leave winter behind and appreciate the warmer weather, the budding trees and the blooming flowers. Sure, we could have created cocktails that were artificially green or had tacky four-leaf clover garnishes, but instead we focused more on celebrating the complexities of Irish whiskey, with ingredients like 1883 Lavender syrup, Butterfly peaflower powder, Black River Sweet Apple Cider, smoked cinnamon, Rootside Ginger Beer Starter, Fee Bro’s Cardamom bitters, Crafty Cocktails botanical rinse and a bunch of other amazing elements. While mixing up these cocktails on St. Patrick’s Day will definitely make your celebrating more enjoyable, just know, the cocktails found in this month’s box, Emerald Isle, are perfect for any day you choose to drink them.

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