December 2020 - Brandy

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A classic German-style brandy distilled using French wine grapes, Dujardin Imperial VSOP Brandy combines the knowledge and tradition of two of the world’s most well-known wine (and therefore brandy) producing regions. Made from the best French wines in German stills and long-aged in French Limousin barrels, this brandy is sweet and rich with heavy notes of caramel, oak, cherry with light herbal aromatics. Perfect for winter flavours, this brandy goes extremely well with all the ingredients and cocktails found within this month’s box.

Why Brandy?

Winter is here and we at Crafty Cocktails wanted to celebrate with a box that will embrace the flavours of colder weather while also helping to warm you up, and what better way to do that with the belly-warming goodness of European brandy? In this month’s box ‘Brandy It’s Cold Outside’ we explore the complex nature of brandy and the many different tasting notes one can find within a single sip, with a focus on winter ingredients that will put you and everyone around you in a festive and cheerful mood.

The Noyer Noir Old Fashioned is may seem simple on the surface, but the intriguing profile of black walnut bitters, black lava salt, rosso vermouth and lemon zest all combine with sweet brandy into a complex winter sipper that has big flavour aspirations.

The C.C.B Alexander is Christmas in a glass, with the warming effects of brandy complimenting the light creamy texture of this cocktail, while subtle hints of cocoa, nutmeg and demerara syrup add depth and complexity.

The Sparkling Pear relies on contradiction, where winter-inspired flavour such as mulberry, demerara syrup and brandy clash with brighter ingredients like bartlett pear and sparkling soda, resulting in a drink that is light and refreshing while still maintaining the feel of a true winter cocktail.

While it may be cold outside, the ‘Brandy It’s Cold Outside’ box is here to keep you warm while still embracing the spirit of the season. With a ton of unique ingredients, fun recipes, and all around delicious cocktails, you may just be ok with the winter weather for a bit longer, just as long as you have a warm house and a roaring fire to curl up beside. Cheers and Happy Holidays!

Noyer Noir Old Fashioned

Though complex and precise in its technique, as a relatively simple drink in terms of ingredients, the Old Fashioned is a wonderful canvas on which to create new and intriguing flavourscapes. The simple and pleasing combination of black walnut bitters and dark demerara syrup found in this version of an Old Fashioned come from back when our bartender first started creating cocktail almost 15 years ago and his exploration into cocktails was just beginning. However, over the years, experience and education have resulted in many different versions of this particular Old Fashioned, all with varying degrees of complexity, nuance and success; and this is the final result. The black walnut is complemented by sweet brandy, but also contrasted with lemon zest, black lava salt and the herbal background of sweet vermouth, all topped off with tasty vermouth marinated walnuts. Its been a long time coming, but its well worth the wait, enjoy!

Sparkling Pear


Just because this month’s Crafty Cocktails box has deep, warming winter flavours at its core, doesn’t mean that some of the drinks can’t be light and refreshing at the same time. The Sparkling Pear truly resides in both realms, as the deep caramel sweetness of brandy, demerara syrup and golden mulberries combines with tangy and invigorating Bartlett pear juice and a touch of bubbles. The deeper flavours are reminiscent of winter and what we tend to enjoy during this season, while the lighter elements add a lively and effervescent feel that keep this cocktail smooth and easy drinking. This drink may have it all but try not to have all of them; sharing is in the spirit of the holidays!


You look out the window as the white snow falls and the barren tree branches shiver in the cold wind. A chill runs through you, but as you turn your back to the window and the bitter outdoors, a cozy warmth embraces you and the golden light of the fireplace erases all the darkness of the winter. And what’s this sitting on the coffee table in front of the fire? A light, creamy looking drink is ready and waiting, inviting you to pick it up. You put it to your lips as the nutmeg and shaved chocolate on top hits your nose, and as you take a long sip, the bittersweet cocoa nibs, the malty demerara and the light creamy touch envelopes your pallet while the smooth brandy warms you all the way down to your belly. You sit back in a comfy chair, stare into the fire with a smile, thinking ‘Thank god I ordered a Crafty Cocktail box’.

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