Canadian Gin Tour Cocktail Box (July 2021)

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Canadian Gin


From coast to coast to coast, you will find a ton of unique and truly remarkable local and small batch spirit producers that offer gin flavoured all with their own blend of botanicals, largely inspired by the environment they are created in. For this box, we encourage you to discover something new and explore the incredibly intricate world of Canadian gin. This means that it is up to you to decide which gin you’re going to create your cocktails with, so be aware both of the flavours in the box as well as the flavours of the gin which you select. While the final choice is up to you, we can help inform your choice, so check out our Canadian Gin guide here for a list of some great producers available in your region. But doing your own research is recommended, there are so many choices and flavours out there, only you can make the final decision.


List of Gin Producers


  • Longtable Distillery London Dry Gin
  • Victoria Distillery Cocktail Gin
  • Indigenous World Spirits Gin


  • Eau Claire Distillery Parlour Gin
  • Wild Life Distillery Gin
  • Patent 5 Distillery London Dry Gin
  • Stumbletown Distillery Original Gin


  • Top Shelf Distillery Gin
  • Dillion’s Dry Gin 7
  • Spring Mill Distillery Dry Gin


  • Madison Park London Dry Gin
  • Cirka Gin Sauvage
  • Noroi Distillerie Dry Gin


Why Canadian Gin?

In recent years, there has been a significant rise in the availability and variety of gins from small batch craft distilleries all over the world, and with a little investigation, it is easy to see why. Gin is an extremely versatile spirit, it can posses an extremely rich and deep flavour profile, featuring an innumerable combination of herbs, spices and botanicals. This is because gin is first distilled as a neutral grain spirit (basically vodka), which, through infusion, is extremely susceptible to flavouring from all sorts of ingredients, as the astringent character of neutral grain spirit makes it an ideal medium for extracting flavour.
This means that, as long as a small distillery produces a quality neutral spirit, they can easily create a distinct flavour profile for a gin, which helps them to make their own mark in the overcrowded world of small batch spirits. This is very advantageous to consumers, who now have a plethora of amazing gins to play and experiment with, making at-home bartending that much more adventurous.
This trend in gin production is extremely evident in Canada, as there are countless distilleries from coast to coast to coast, crafting stellar gins with completely unique profiles. What is most intriguing about this is the fact that most distilleries, while still using the classic juniper berry as their base flavour, choose to source their botanical mixtures from their surroundings, harvesting local herbs, spices and fruits to create gins that are truly representative of the place from which they originate.
Because Canada is so vast, featuring many different ecosystems and climates, there are infinite forms which a Canadian gin can take, all of which are a microcosm of not only their environment, but also the culture they are produced in. There are so many different approaches to food and drink in this wonderful country, and they are as varied as the landscapes themselves. Gin can therefore tell a very intriguing story about where it comes from through the flavours which are present within it.
This becomes very apparent when tasting gins with an awareness of its origins; if it is distilled close to the sea, there are usually distinct briny notes that come through, thanks to the addition of oceanic ingredients like sea kelps. Gins from the prairie can often taste light and easy drinking, a testament to the large open spaces and the subtle botanicals that grow there, like wild rose or saskatoon berry. Gins that are distilled near our beautiful, expansive forests tend to have nuanced touches of pine or moss and are inclined to have very coniferous profiles.
The ingredients and recipes found within this month’s box, Canadian Craft Gin Tour, aim to celebrate the incredibly expansive world of Canadian gin, highlighting many of the attributes mentioned above and delivering the wonderful, fun and tasty cocktails you’ve come to expect from a Crafty Cocktails box. With a ton of amazing and unique ingredients; like Les Charlatans Strawberry/Sichuan Syrup, Fitch and Leeds Indian Tonic, Prosyro Apricot Syrup, Sloe Berry Tincture, Shrubbery Co. Rhubarb/Orange Shrub, Rootside Roasted Dandelion Bitters and a surplus of other fun and interesting elements, you’ll be able to discover all that Canadian gin has to offer, while making some great Canadian-made cocktails at home. And it’s all right in time for Canada Day, the best time of year to celebrate being a citizen of one of the most diverse and interesting countries in the world.
So go to your favourite local liquor store and check out all the wonderful Canadian craft gin producers they have to offer. There are so many out there, you’re bound to find one that really speaks to you and will make enjoying some great cocktails in the summertime sun with this box, Canadian Craft Gin Tour, that much better. Make sure to check out our website for a list of our favourite producers around the country.


 The city of Vancouver is a very unique place; it is the perfect blend of cosmopolitan and natural beauty. It is also home to some of the country’s best cocktail bars and bartenders, with so many creative drinks being made by some truly fantastic artists. With such a prominent place in Canadian cocktail culture, it is no wonder there exists a classic cocktail called the Vancouver, which has been made in the city (and can be found on menus all over the world) since 1954, and probably for even longer than that. To pay homage to this drink, we create the GVA, which takes elements from the original drink, such as gin, orange zest and Punt e Mes vermouth, and blends them with more modern elements, such as sloe berry tincture, Prosyro apricot syrup and spruce tips, as a nod to the more sophisticated, contemporary cocktails found within this amazing city. 

Windowsill Shrub

For many kids growing up in Canada, no summer was complete without a slice of warm rhubarb pie made with garden fresh rhubarb and a whole lot of grandma’s love. Now that we’re older and probably a little more thirsty (it does get pretty hot out there these days), many of us would prefer a cooling cocktail at the end of a long summer day. The Windowsill Shrub attempts to bring those worlds together with a heap of summery flavours. This cocktail is reminiscent of grandma’s homemade pie, but has all the elements of a complex craft cocktail. Shrubbery Co. Rhubarb/Orange shrub brings nostalgic ingredients and a refreshingly tart background, while Rootside Roasted Dandelion bitters adds complexity and a garden fresh profile. And for some fun and flair, watch your drink change as your rhubarb and dandelion infused ice-cubes slowly melt in the heat, changing the textures and flavours of your drink as you sip. Now you can have your pie and drink it too!

Milieu Tonic

Canada is a diverse place, not only in terms of our beautiful landscapes, but also our people, who come from all walks of life and bring so many wonderful influences to our culture. This tall, refreshing cocktail celebrates this diversity, incorporating a mélange of ingredients from many different cultures and culinary influences. Sichuan peppercorns and Les Charlatans Strawberry/Sichuan syrup provide a fruity, yet spicy base, with a distinct Asian flair. The Apothecary North African bitters adds some amazingly warming aromatic notes which balance the drink, while the Fitch and Leeds Indian Tonic makes the drink light and effervescent, with a distinct bitter flavour that lends itself extremely well to the overall profile of the drink. Although these ingredients come from very different backgrounds, they all work in harmony, resulting in something amazing, just like our beautiful country. 

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