Brunch Cocktails (February 2022)

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Ketel One Vodka has quite the storied history, one that is typical of the spirits we love to use in our Crafty Cocktails boxes. As such, it pairs perfectly with this month’s Hair of the Dog box, especially given that their Bloody Mary recipe is featured prominently on their website. One of the most well-known vodkas in the world, its production began in the early 18th century, and even today, the same recipe is used to produce an amazing quality vodka which is simultaneously smooth and complex. Starting with a select blend of European-grown wheat, the distillation process has not changed for centuries, and in fact, they still use the original coal-fired still (No. 1) to make their batches of vodka. The Nolet family, who have been at the forefront of this brand since the beginning, are still heavily involved, personally approving every batch before it is shipped. This vodka is extremely clean, with notes of citrus, honey and grass; its mouthfeel is light, exactly what you want for your morning drink.

Pecanspresso Martini

Everybody’s day should start with a kick, especially if you’ve had a few the night before. Traditionally, an Espresso Martini takes care of all of this, a little caffeine from the coffee, a little vodka to shake out the cobwebs… but the one thing espresso martinis lack is variety. There is so much room within its flavour profile to add different notes that either contrast or compliment this wonderfully simple cocktail. We decided to take our best shot at it. Building from an orthodox base of (coffee-infused) vodka, Blackbird cold-brew coffee, and Kinsip Coffee/Pecan bitters. A salted candied pecan rim introduces a nutty bitterness that sets off the espresso elements. A dash of 1883 Salted Caramel syrup adds a deeper sweetness which compliments the saltiness of the rim, all to create the perfect espresso martini. Get your butt out of bed (It’s noon already!) and grab a cocktail that will start your day off right.

Screwed-Up Mimosa

Your eyes flutter open as the bright sunlight infiltrates your brain, bringing a splitting headache and a desire to fall back to sleep immediately. However, after half an hour of rolling around perilously in bed, you place your feet on the ground and decide to make a spectacular brunch for yourself. After all, it’s helped in the past. While cooking, your brain still seems a step behind, so perhaps a cocktail will grease the wheels a bit, you hope. After much debate, you can’t decide between a mimosa and a screwdriver, both classics. Why make your mind work any harder? Just go for a Screwed-Up Mimosa, mixing the two together in perfect harmony; Modern Cuisine Elderflower/Orange Bubbles syrup, orange-infused vodka, orange juice and Orange bitters. All the vitamin C to make sure you come back to life and get your beautiful brunch finished and tasting perfect.

Blood-Ghee Mary

In Canada, we all know the Caesar, and for good reason. It is the perfect brunch cocktail, full of flavour, salt and spirit that helps us start our Sunday’s right. However, before the Caesar, the Americans had the Bloody Mary, a drink that seems much simpler, but also possesses amazing balance and nourishing properties. Although they seem similar, unlike its Canadian counterpart, the Bloody Mary uses straight tomato juice, which is both thicker (YUM!), but also contains more vitamins and minerals to help kick-start your day. This straightforward base also allows for more manipulation, which is apparent in our version of this classic American cocktail. Starting with a base of ghee-infused vodka, we’ve added some other amazing ingredients, garlic stuffed olives in vermouth brine, Maritime Madness Garlic Goodness Hot sauce, and Kosher salt to bring the classic flavour of a Bloody Mary into the age of modern cocktails. Drink your Caesar if you like, but Bloody Mary’s have major potential to grow on you.

Brunch Cocktails?

We’ve all been there; wake up groggy with a very nasty headache. Fumbling around, you clumsily throw on a pair of comfy pajama pants, shade our eyes with sunglasses and seek out an elixir that will help calm our tortured soul. There are many cocktails which serve this purpose, and we love them all. For this month’s Crafty Cocktails box, Hair of the Dog, we put our own mixologist spin on some early day favourites to bring you a box which will satisfy any morning cocktail craving you’ve ever had. Although these drinks are easy drinking, a little work is involved, as we have suggested a special infusion for each of these cocktails. Not to worry, these are easily accomplished and can be done well ahead of time, but their inclusion will greatly boost the flavours of your cocktails, adding coffee, orange and ghee to their respective drinks, providing both flavour and an in-depth craft element. Classic brunch cocktails like the Espresso Martini, Screwdriver and Bloody Mary are given the Crafty’s treatment, using amazing ingredients like 1883 Salted Caramel syrup, Kinsip Coffee/Pecan bitters, Modern Cuisine Elderflower/Orange Bubbles syrup, Orange Bitters, Maritime Madness Garlic Goodness hot sauce and Filthy Blue Cheese Olives to create an amazing menu of cocktails which are sure to get you through your Sunday hangover.

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