April 2020 - Brazilian Cachaca

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Many spirts exist in the world, and while they remain relatively unknown in the cocktail culture of North America, their popularity in their countries of origin is unquestionable. Cachaca is one such spirit, as it is the most popular alcohol in Brazil, but is still little known in our neck of the woods. This is not from lack of quality however, as many brands often match or outstrip the complex flavor profiles of some of the world’s best rums or tequilas, spirits to which Cachaca is often compared. Distilled using fresh sugarcane juice, opposed to rum which is fermented using sugarcane by-products, the result is often a much brighter and invigorating flavor profile, with diverse layering and intriguing complexity. Perfect for refreshing, warm-weather cocktails, this understated spirit is slowly making its way into wider cocktail culture, and this month’s box, Copacabana, is very representative of this spirit’s potential to be recognized along with other liquors in the top echelons of cocktail bartending in North America.

The Crafty’s Caipirinha is a version of the archetypal Cachaca cocktail in the world. Brazil’s national drink, it is simple yet extremely refreshing and complex, stemming from the unique profile of Cachaca which is paired with raw sugar and lime. The Black Star blasts your palette on an interstellar adventure, combining blackberry jam, lime, and green apple with Cachaca’s distinct characteristics, all topped off with a whimsical green apple star garnish. Coco’s Assistant will help you temporarily forget about your monotonous list of daily tasks by transporting you to a Brazilian beach, with creamy coconut and tangy lime heightening the tropical elements of the base spirit.

This month’s menu is meant to enhance and compliment the flavors of this underappreciated spirit and introduce the uninitiated to the potential that Cachaca has to produce amazing cocktails. Get acquainted with this wonderful alcohol and use this experience to broaden your horizons as to what many other parts of the world consider the ‘norm’ when they enjoy an alcoholic beverage.

Coco's Assistant

 We all need a little help sometimes, and if we’re lucky, we have someone in our life who makes our daily catalog of tasks easily achievable. However, many of us are without personal assistants, so we turn to cocktails to help ease the sometimes overwhelming mountain of responsibilities we all face. This cocktail is for just that; a tropical, easy-drinking and refreshing mixture that will, at least momentarily, help lessen the burden. Creamy and sweet notes of condensed and coconut milk contrast with a sour hit of lime and a hydrating blast of coconut water, all enhanced and balanced by the presence of a complex base of Cachaca. While it won’t complete any of your duties for you, this wonderful drink may at least help you forget they exist for even a few minutes, and really, what more can you ask for?

Black Star

1st Bartender’s Log, USS Crafty Cocktails… We have recently encountered a strange yet extremely intriguing new drink in the furthest reaches of deep space. Our long-range scanners identified a faint flavor signal in the distant Imbibulon nebula of sector 11, causing us to shift course and investigate. Upon arrival, we discovered a previously unknown cocktail exhibiting a curious deep purple color which, according to our sensors, was the result of the presence of the Jam Goddess’ Naked Blackberry jam. After further inspection, we observed residual elements of Token Cherry bitters, lime, and green apple, the latter being greatly enhanced by a distinct star-shaped garnish in suspended animation. At its core, it seems to be derived from a complex Cachaca, a strong contributing factor to its intricate flavor profile. Further, inspection is underway, however, the expedition team seems to be enjoying themselves too much to produce any verifiable results in the immediate future.


Although not very well known in North American cocktail culture, you would be hard-pressed to find a Brazilian who is unfamiliar with the Caipirinha. After all, it is the national drink of Brazil. Derived from the Portuguese word caipira, a term for Brazilian country-dwellers, this name suggests that simplicity, good, honest work, and quality of ingredients are the key. The result is a refreshing, nuanced and balanced drink that will surprise even the most discerning of drinkers. The sweetness from raw sugar plays against the sour of fresh lime, enhancing the intricate and multifaceted layers that exist within a high-quality Cachaca. A fantastic opportunity to break in the start of warm weather, introduce your palette to the amazing world of Cachaca in the way it is supposed to be enjoyed, with a quintessential Brazilian cocktail.

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