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Many of us have sat at a bar on a busy night, watching in fascination as the bartender twists and turns, stirs and muddles, pours and shakes, chats and laughs, putting out a constant stream of cocktails without hesitation. It is always fun to watch, and even more fun to imagine yourself in their position. While turning your kitchen into a place where cocktails flow freely can be a challenge, a curated box from Crafty Cocktails makes this transformation easy.


Searching for recipes, running around grabbing unusual ingredients, worrying if you are shaking the drink correctly or using the right amount of lemon juice… by the end, you barely enjoy the drink you went through so much effort to create. We at Crafty Cocktails had been through this too many times and were inspired to make it easier for everyone to enjoy a craft cocktail in the comfort of their own home. Our carefully curated boxes are full of exciting drink recipes using fun and unique ingredients, and give comprehensive, step-by-step instructions from the pros to make sure your cocktail comes out perfectly. Have a quiet night at home with a loved one, invite a couple friends over for a night of casual fun or plan a crazy cocktail extravaganza, there’s no wrong way to enjoy a Crafty Cocktail box. Just make sure to have fun while you do it! So what are you waiting for? This weekend, Make A Night In, A Night Out!

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Crafty Cocktails

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This Month's spirit


This month’s box, POPPIN' BOTTLES, was created using Prosecco sparkling wine. While we usually suggest a particular brand of the selected spirit for the month, this box required a different approach, as the overall selection of sparkling wine available to consumers at any given liquor store varies greatly and is rarely ever the same. However, by using your discretion and choosing a decent bottle of Prosecco, several important primary aromas and flavors should be present within most brands of this varietal. Often featuring a light, fresh, and crisp profile, this wine is commonly associated with flavors such as apple, pear, peach and apricot, resulting in fruity profiles which can be enhanced or contrasted with the addition of syrups, botanicals and infused ingredients.

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Click on the questions below to see the answers.

If I order the Holiday Rum box when will it ship and can I wrap it and place it under the tree?
This box ships December 4th and will ship anywhere in Canada within 5 days. There is no fresh produce in this box by design so it can be wrapped and put under the tree. We have recieved an overwhelming response on this holiday box and only have limited supply due to a few of the seasonal ingredients used. Once we run out of stock the product will become unavailable on our site for purchase so hurry and get yours before the last minute rush!
Can you ship my gift box to my giftee on a specific date?
You bet! Typically a gift subscription purchase would mean we would send out our next feature box (Holiday Rum box on December 4th) as your recipients first box . If you purchase a single gift box and want it delivered on a specific date just shoot us an email and we can schedule the ship date you desire.
Shipping costs?
All shipping costs are calculated at the checkout using our special discounted Canada Post rate. They are very resonable for a large 8lb box.
Do we include the booze? Why not?

Booze is the easiest ingredient for you to pick up (usually discounted) at your local liquor store and the hardest element for us to ship. If we included the alcohol, the cost per bottle & shipping costs would be unappealing and someone of legal drinking age would have to be home to sign for the package. We instead chose to focus on the harder to find, more exotic ingredients. Trust us, spending your Friday evening looking for obscure ingredients like charred cedar bitters or a kalamansi limes isn’t a lot of fun. You grab the bottle of booze from the liquor store in your neighborhood and we’ll do the rest!

Where are you located ? Where do you ship?
We are located in Calgary AB and ship Canada wide. Unfortunately we do not ship to the US at this time.
How many cocktails do your boxes make?
Our Crafty Cocktail boxes come with 3 unique cocktail recipes designed by our master mixologist and the hard to find ingredients to make 4 of each cocktail. That's 12 total cocktails in a box! Our Crafty Lite box has 2 unique recipes and makes a total of 8 cocktails.
What bar tools will I need?

As is the case with any fine craft, having the right tools for the job is very important. At the very least we recommend having a proper cocktail shaker, a 1 & 2oz jigger, a muddling stick, a fine mesh strainer and a hawthorne strainer. We have complete bar tool kits available for purchase in our shop + section. Our longer term subscriptions and gift subs come with a free bar tool kit!

I placed my order, when will my box ship?

Our subscription boxes ship out on the first Monday of each month. Our recipes and feature spirit change monthly so we need time to source our new ingredients and curate our next box offering. Typically, you will see your Crafty subscription box on your doorstep in 1-3 days after we ship. Our No-commitment & past boxes are available immediately to ship.

Oh no! I won’t be home to receive my box, what will happen?

Not a problem! Since we don’t include the booze our boxes don’t require a signature. Your Crafty box will be on your doorstep, anxiously awaiting your arrival.

How often will I be billed for my subscription? Does my subscription auto-renew?

All of our subscription packages are pre-paid and will auto-renew on the 15th of each month. For example, if you ordered a 3-month subscription on June 5th, you would receive our July, August & September boxes and your subscription would renew on September 15th. If you are on a month to month plan, we will send you our new box on the first Monday of each month and you will be billed on the 15th of each new month.

What if I go away on vacation or don’t love the featured spirit, can I skip a box?

Sure! Skipping a box is easy. You have full control of this in your customer account. Just log in an pause, skip or cancel as you see fit. Your subscription will not auto-renew until all of the boxes on your purchased subscription package have shipped. We do urge customers to give each of our featured boxes a chance. A Crafty Cocktails box subscription is all about education in the world of cocktail creation, and it is very hard to learn new things if you don’t step outside your comfort zone. We strongly encourage you to make your cocktails with the recommended spirit for the month, even if you think you don’t like it. If a recipe is well balanced and acutely aware of the flavor profile of its given base spirit, the result can surprise even the most discerning of palettes. Let us show how something you thought you disliked, can become something you absolutely love.

Fresh ingredients? How long will the ingredients keep?

We love working with fresh ingredients! We try and include them in our recipes whenever possible and hand select the freshest and healthiest looking produce we can find. These ingredients should remain useable for up to 10 days after you receive your box. Occasionally some fresh fruit or herbs might get a little janky on route so please use your best judgement and always remember to wash your fruit before use.

Can I order past boxes?

Absolutely! You can order past boxes in our Shop + section while supplies last. These boxes will not include fresh ingredients, but we will make sure to list what you need to pick up. Usually just a few small items like a couple limes and a ginger root.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Baby come back! We will be devastated to see you go, but totally understand life happens and therefore have made it easy to cancel. You can cancel your subscription anytime from your customer account and there will be no further auto-renewals. Please note this will not affect your previously purchased packages so you will still receive the boxes you initially purchased.

How does gifting a box work?

Is there anything more unique and fun than gifting a friend or loved one delicious cocktails? Gifting a single box or a subscription is easy. All you need is your giftees email, shipping address and the date you want us to send them their gift notification email. Birthday or anniversary coming up…just celebrating a friend? We will deliver the gift email or past cocktail box any date you like. Gift subscriptions do not auto-renew.

What if my box is missing ingredients, or something is damaged?

No worries. Shoot us a quick email and if it’s something easy for you to pick up, we will refund the cost of the item. If it’s a hard to find ingredient we will ship you out a new one asap.

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